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+ - Need some advice to deal with non-compliant employ 5

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tubeguy writes "We have a person at work who needs to have his internet access restricted. He has abused his access at work and become unproductive, and has caused problems with security. He works alone at night so there is no one at work to do any enforcement. I can't get into more detail, that's the situation, for better or worse.

We have considered multiple options but what we are looking for is a hardware firewall that can whitelist on a schedule for only certain connected machines. Does such a device exist?

I have offered several remedies including client software and corrective action for the employee but management wants a different solution.


Comment: Don't know about "we", but I can (Score 2, Interesting) 849

by tubeguy (#30142046) Attached to: Can We Really Tell Lossless From MP3?
I did a double blind test and picked 10 out of 10 correct comparing mp3 at 128 to 320 to wav, the difference was always obvious in every case. What do you expect? Even at 320, 75% if the encoded information is just gone. But I guess the whole issue really only matters to people to whom it matters. Most have never heard music played properly so they don't know the difference. Maybe ignorance is bliss in this case, hearing my college roomie's Quad setup in the 80s sent me on a very expensive and sometimes frustrating ride.

Comment: It's not really plugging the hole... (Score 1) 275

by tubeguy (#29312613) Attached to: MPAA Pushes Once Again To Close the Analog Hole
...if it stops the signal just before reaching the speakers. There's no way to stop anyone from grabbing the analog signal once it's out there. TFA didn't say where the signal was going to be stopped in the chain. If there's a switch right at the jack it's a simple matter to tap it. Depends on how you look at it. This DRM implemented in hardware at the digital level would be a Bad Thing, but the presence of an actual analog line level hidden signal would be merely an inconvenience. I'm just sayin. Good luck with that, RIAA.

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