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Journal: Feedback

Journal by tuba_dude
Morning everyone. How are we all doing today? Good. Just wondering if any of you have read my script, and if so, what you thought of it. I am greatly enjoying work on the next couple of episodes, but I would like some comments to better focus my efforts. I'll link it again, just in case. It's here or perhaps here. Enjoy.

Journal: Freenet!

Journal by tuba_dude
Man is freenet cool! I've been playing with it a bit from the beginning, but it's just now starting to speed up to a useable speed, and there's content! Good stuff.
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Journal: Bob the Nameless / Joeseph Stalin (Vampire - The Masquerade)

Journal by tuba_dude

Here's the curent backstory for my latest character.

The Exciting life and times of Bob the Nameless/Joeseph Stalin as presented in
Dolby Digital Limerick form.

There once was a guy called Bob or Joe
Who couldn't decide wether to stay or to go
He fought off a mace
But then was embraced
And he ain't mortal no mo'

While on a trip to Tanzinia
He acquired a feverish mania
His mind was hosed
No longer composed
And now they've both got Schitzophrenia.

Bob is just an average guy,
Always known to try and try.
He flirted and flirted,
Was always diverted,
And now he only gets half the pie.

Joe is not your normal dictator,
"Attacks are better now than later."
His last name is Stalin,
but he's perpetually walled in
by a guy who thinks he's a player.

Now that he knows his time will come soon,
He's taken a ride in a hot air balloon.
It won't be long
Before he's totally gone,
And he'll sorely miss the glare of the moon.

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Journal: I feel verbose! hahaha

Journal by tuba_dude

Pointless rant mode on! (U.S. Citizen, to clear up any confusion)

I am frustrated.
My government is run by companies and elitists.
My fellow citizens are unfortunately nearly all idiots, thereby freely allowing the government to do whatever it wants.
I'm sworn to follow all orders of the President (Marine), and I'm pretty sure I won't like most of them due to the previous problems.
What's worse, all of these problems are almost entirely superficial (accidental jackass mode on. I apologize in advance) because I'm probably in the richest 5% of the world. Hell, I think something like half of the world's humans can't eat a decent meal regularly.

YEARGH. bleah. I'm spent.

It is not well to be thought of as one who meekly submits to insolence and intimidation.