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Comment Re:Judging by the story so far... (Score 1) 349

If infidelity would make the marriage arrangement unacceptable to a party if they knew and that information is kept from them they are being induced to act against their interest continuing to invest. Put that way cheating on a spouse in secret sounds awful close to the legal definition of FRAUD!

Except, nobody has been prosecuted for fraud in this circumstance, ever.

Comment Re:This has been around forever (Score 3, Informative) 253

It allows you to change the address for DLLs, but leaves it at a predetermined address by default.

Windows has a setting to enable ASLR for all applications. Microsoft even provides a handy tool to enable it; the, "Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit". No special compile time gesticulations are required.

Comment Re:This has been around forever (Score 5, Interesting) 253

Memory randomization has been around a very very very long time. It's not going to help with logical programming errors.

It is literally already implemented in every version of Windows since Vista. Windows also uses the NX/XD features in modern CPUs.

Comment Re:Two of those three, courtesy of ShitRedditSays (Score 1) 410

Murder through causing a suicide? Yes.

That is probably a stretch, but you do have a point kind of... people take this stuff really seriously sometimes.

Persecuted in the sense of losing one's job for being doxxed? Yes.

Definitely a serious victimization that people are experiencing.

Our law enforcement agencies that can not find any serious mitigation against swatting are kind of Reddit's overzealous police intimidation force too.

Comment Re: Windows sounds easier to update than Debian. (Score 0) 187

And your "just don't upgrade" attitude is fucking idiotic.

Almost as idiotic as the notion that someone is the victim of systemd, or its maintainers. The point is, if you are a neophobe, go all the way.... Use systemd, maintain your own distribution, or use one of the several long term releases that still supports System V or Upstart! At no time are you a victim of anyone besides yourself.

Debian actually isn't much different. Debian's contributors are its users.

Exactly, they don't owe you anything! Canonical and Read Hat don't owe you anything either. You aren't their victims, you are their non-paying end users with a noisy but unpopular opinion.

Comment Re:CPU not compatible (Score 1) 187

It is correct either way. The host can have a CPU feature that is hidden in the guest CPU, but it can also provide a virtual version of a feature to the guest using software (read very slow), even if that feature is not available on the host CPU.

The guest only sees the virtual CPU, and typically has no idea what the "real" CPU is.

Comment Re:CPU not compatible (Score 1) 187

I used to feel the same way about VirtualBox, until I paid the money for Workstation.

VirtualBox has lame support for 3d acceleration, making it piss poor for running desktop software that a human will actually use.

If you ran a benchmark comparing VMWare to VirtualBox for performance, like a non-anecdotal one, it might affect your general opinion on things.

Comment Re:List of privacy violations (Score 1) 187

If you don't trust Microsoft, using Windows is a pretty dangerous proposition, regardless of 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Certain viewpoints would notice that your operating system has various rootkit like properties, when trust is an issue.

My observation is that they are trying to push Microsoft cloud based services on you with difficult to find skip buttons. Not having a live account or at least refusing to type in credentials seems to help a lot! There is a place in setup where they offer, "express settings", which you almost certainly will want to refuse, in order to access several privacy options.

Your guy has a low threshold on spyware. I have a 95% secure way to attain the privacy he seeks... unplug the ethernet cable!

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