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Comment Re:One of the probs with weeding out the intellige (Score 1) 113

Many police forces conduct a form of intelligence testing as part of the hiring process. If you are too intelligent then you will be booted because they think that police work will be too boring for you and you'll quit.

Is this even true, or just internet bullshit? Did you make it up as you wrote it?

Comment Re:3 categories: general-purpose; specialist; hips (Score 1) 429

jQuery in particular is a great example of how it doesn't matter one fucking bit how incompetent software developers are because Intel makes some really fucking fast CPUs these days.

It might just show that targeting several different runtimes, often with different capabilities, is hard, and that smart developers use a library to abstract the problem away. What you said, is an example of how you are ignorant, and probably a dickhead.

Comment Re:Judging by the story so far... (Score 1) 372

If infidelity would make the marriage arrangement unacceptable to a party if they knew and that information is kept from them they are being induced to act against their interest continuing to invest. Put that way cheating on a spouse in secret sounds awful close to the legal definition of FRAUD!

Except, nobody has been prosecuted for fraud in this circumstance, ever.

Comment Re:This has been around forever (Score 3, Informative) 253

It allows you to change the address for DLLs, but leaves it at a predetermined address by default.

Windows has a setting to enable ASLR for all applications. Microsoft even provides a handy tool to enable it; the, "Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit". No special compile time gesticulations are required.

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