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Comment Re: Follow the money (Score 1) 211

I have gotten 100% of the things that I invested in too, but never felt bad when the schedules got pushed back, or it looked like the thing might never come.

It is fun if you are chill, but if you really really expect something, even the wait for a project that produces fruit might be too much.

For example, I invested in a few HexBright flashlights. They eventually came, and were cool... it took a really long time. Watching the team design them, and watching progress update videos was fun. During the wait, I had to buy a different flashlight to satisfy my flashlight needs, from a real store. Kickstarter is not a store.

Comment Re:What language is this written in? (Score 1) 101

Upon further review, it appears that the article text was written by someone that was intimately familiar with some Twitch happening, and wrote something from that perspective. Not really written as news, or with any general appeal in mind at all. Combine that with the blog like ramblings of Bennett, and I seriously wonder why I keep coming here. Kind of a compulsion more than anything.

Comment Re:Self Signed (Score 1) 95

Who's blindly trusting them? I trust my own self signed cert that I use for my own purposes.

This deliberately ignores the real use case of digital certificates... communicating with other entities while preventing man in the middle attacks. The trusted CAs in browsers might not be perfect, but again, they are almost infinitely better than no infrastructure at all, which is the only real alternative at this time.

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