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The Courts

Judge Berates Prosecutors In Xbox Modding Trial 285

Posted by Soulskill
from the your-uppance-has-come dept.
mrbongo writes with this excerpt from Wired: "Opening statements in the first-of-its-kind Xbox 360 criminal hacking trial were delayed here Wednesday after a federal judge unleashed a 30-minute tirade at prosecutors in open court, saying he had 'serious concerns about the government's case.' ... Gutierrez slammed the prosecution over everything from alleged unlawful behavior by government witnesses, to proposed jury instructions harmful to the defense. When the verbal assault finally subsided, federal prosecutors asked for a recess to determine whether they would offer the defendant a deal, dismiss or move forward with the case that was slated to become the first jury trial of its type. A jury was seated Tuesday."

Comment: Re:It is all about resolution (Score 1) 422

by ttnuagmada (#34384540) Attached to: The 5-Year Console Cycle Is Dead
The Cell merely gives devs more options for squeezing out better graphics than the RSX can do on its own, since that's the only real way to even use all of the Cell's SPE's. This isn't something to be impressed by either. Both consoles are definitely completely GPU bound. 3 CPU cores is plenty for a console. Had Sony gone with a more standard 2-3 core CPU, they could have spent more resources on a better GPU which would have had a much larger impact on the PS3's graphical abilities.

Comment: what? (Score 1) 521

by ttnuagmada (#21459099) Attached to: The Universe Damaged By Observation?
do people not even understand their own field? "observation" isnt talking about humans literally observing quantum particles, its talking about them interacting with things allowing us to infer exact information about them. a quantum particle is going to colapse if it interacts with anything at all, not just a humans eyeball.

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