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Comment: Re:No, I refuse to believe this nonsense (Score 1) 65

by angel'o'sphere (#48670765) Attached to: Scientists Say the Future Looks Bleak For Our Bones

You are completely right. It is complete nonsense. I doubt a 'scientist' is behind it, more likely an idiotic reporter. Like the idiots who proclaim every few decades that red heads will die out because the gene is recessive.
The same logic could be applied to cows or any cattle ... poor beasts no longer hunted by predators, no longer towing wagons ... their bones must be in an utter mess!

Comment: Re:Someone needs some perspective ... (Score 0) 276

by angel'o'sphere (#48670395) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

What an intelligent way to interpret a post saying that offense is subjective!

So you feel that the victims got insulted/offended?

So: what is your problem? Hu? You feel neither?

Wow! For starters: the laws are not about 'feeling offended'. They are about 'objective' misspeech. Hint: most constitutions have the habit to give articles in the beginning precedense over those comming later. So if there is the question if a certain topic is either allowed under article 4 or not allowed under article 1 then article 1 usually wins.

The free speech 'amendment' in the US constitution is a _fucking_ amendment ... that litterally means: addition. In other words it was not even there in the first place, and there are plenty of 'other rules' in the USA's constitution that have a 'higher value'.

Comming now to your retarded name: all what we discuss here has nothing to do with censorship at all. Perhaps you should start reading what a 'censor' is and how 'censoring' works ... because you are insulting everyone who either sufferd during the period of WWII or during the eastern communist periods under real censorship!

My diagnostic might be errornous ... perhaps you are not an autist. Nevertheless you have serious mental problems if you prefer to take site for the culprit here (who was not even arested but seeked protection by the police, *facepalm* )

Comment: Re:Tree of liberty (Score 1) 276

by angel'o'sphere (#48670341) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

If you did not read bejond the line you quoted you did mot get my point.

The rest of your post is wrong. There was no arrest and there was no violation of free speech (because the tweat was not directed against the rulers/politicians/government but citizens ... go damn read your constitution!)

And for some reason you seem to feel offended, so read the rest of my post, you answered to.

Comment: Re:do what you want. (Score 1) 201

by angel'o'sphere (#48670281) Attached to: Should Video Games Be In the Olympics?

In Olympic archery the distance to the target is 70m, roughly 70yards, not 33feet (which is 10m/10yards) ... you should have figured yourself that that number could in no way have been correct.
So your 90 feet is less then half the olympic distance.

However I agree that shooting with those modern bows is just a joke.

Comment: Re:Someone needs some perspective ... (Score -1, Troll) 276

by angel'o'sphere (#48670155) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

What do you mean? He did not offend YOU? Wow, what a no brainer. If he had - or if you felt that way - I had suggested mental help.
So you don't feel that the victims got insulted/offended? Wow, then you certainly need memtal help, but I guess you are a kind of autist and you can't be helped ... I hope your daily social interactions are not as desasterous as your post implies.

Comment: Re:WTF UK? (Score 1) 276

by angel'o'sphere (#48670111) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

1. An advice of the atorney general only lets the police ignore stuff they stumble over themselves.
If I go to the police with an accusation, they habe no way to ignore me legaly, regardless what the artorney general 'ordered' them.
And if they do anyway my lawyer will file the case directly at the prosecution office or the next best court: then they get a court order to investigate!

Your points 2. and 3. are just nonsense. Read the damn OP and links.

Comment: Re:WTF UK? (Score 1) 276

by angel'o'sphere (#48670081) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

Tge free speach laws are more or less the same all over the world where countries grant them.

Only the lible and protection laws in europe are stronger than in the USA, and that is what that guy stepped over.

Free speach is mainly considered a contract between the government and its citicens, giving the citicens a right to attack the government (with speach) without being prosecuted.

Free speach does not give one citizen or visitor the right to insult other citicens. Nor does it give the, the right to spread hate speach.

Your oppinion might be that laws like that is wrong: then please accept that in our oppinion laws like this are needed and right.

Now: the recation to that tweet might have been exagerated, but that is another topic.

Comment: Re:Tree of liberty (Score 1) 276

by angel'o'sphere (#48670055) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

Sigh, why are you all complaining?

Obviously a lot of people in this thread are offended by laws in other countries, and their application.

The german constitutions first paragraph(amendment?) Says: the dignity of the human being is untouchable.

The guy who made the post insulted the dead and dying and injured to be 'garbage'. That is obviously an attack on their dignity

I believe people comming from a country where black people get shot left and right for nothing (and the culprits obviously have a letter of marque to do so) should have other problems than complaining about other countries view on human dignity and how that might restrict free speach.

Hint: the offending twitter tweet is quoted in the OP, so get a damn clue!

Comment: Re:Why is the White House involved? (Score 2) 189

by Jeremi (#48668729) Attached to: Sony To Release the Interview Online Today; Apple Won't Play Ball

. That said, I don't understand how Sony is so brazen as to assume that they can just call up the White House, ask for help, and suddenly Apple is going to capitulate to their demands. Their line of thinking goes in this direction for a reason.

Indeed. In this case, the reason is that Obama has said publicly several times that he wished Sony had come to him for help before canceling the release of the movie. This is just Sony taking Obama up on his offer.

Comment: Re:Psychologically speaking... (Score 1) 258

by angel'o'sphere (#48665719) Attached to: At 40, a person is ...

That is factually wrong. Go read some history books.

The times and 'areas' where every non nobleman lived in poverty and filth and dirt and illness are pretty small in comparision to the size of the planet and pretty short in terms of human history.

E.g. read up why it became uncommon for christians in Spain and later Europe to bath etc. ... you will be very surprised about the reasons.

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