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Comment: Re:Just Require an IQ Test (Score 1) 652

by angel'o'sphere (#48907275) Attached to: Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated?

I was wondering if his doctor simply prescribed him antibiotics when he felt 'nocked down' and the later infection / pneumonia or what ever it was, is caused by disabling his immune system that way.

But thanx for the info about viruses, several people claimed that now, but I'm still uncertain which virus would cause a pneumonia.

Comment: Re:I Don't Buy It (Score 1) 349

by Jeremi (#48902181) Attached to: Anonymous Asks Activists To Fight Pedophiles In 'Operation Deatheaters'

there are people who actually believe trading in and looking at child porn isn't a problem, that that is victimless, it's just pictures and video

I don't think I've seen anyone argue that the distribution of child porn isn't a problem.

I have seen people argue that the First Amendment permits it, regardless of whether it's problematic or not.

Comment: Re:Windows 10 (Score 1) 122

Wow buy a new one if the old one works just fine and is better (no cell phone on the desktop)?

True as a gamer an old system is pretty useless unless you run older games from that era in which it came from.

XP is still insanely popular and I will bet you money in 2020 when Windows 7 goes EOL XP will still have marketshare of active computer users. Small but still significant to be counted. It works and users like it because it is familiar to them.

I still see no reason to leave Windows 7. I just wonder what it will break now? Windows 8.1 BSOD on both an ATI and NVidia cards in youtube which I find very strange. No problem at all in Windows 7. DirectX 12 adds more complexity of things it can fuck up.

Oh and my Asus board probably won't have drivers as it is in their financial interests for me to throw it all away and buy another one right? I had a room mate who stayed on XP for a long long time as he thought Windows 7 was a buggy POS. It always BSOD because Dell wanted him to throw it away and buy a new one rather than release a driver that went thru QA?

Just my gripe.

Comment: Re: DirectX is obsolete (Score 0) 122

Wow right back in 2001 again.

John Carmack conceded directx 9 is superior. I can't think of a single game today that uses opengl. Why is that?

You must live in alternative universe as developers prefer to develop for consoles first with direct x then back port it to pc if piracy concerns are not to bad.


DirectX 12 Lies Dormant Within Microsoft's Recent Windows 10 Update 122

Posted by timothy
from the until-activated-by-a-trigger-word dept.
MojoKid writes After last Wednesday's Windows 10 event, early adopters and IT types were probably anxious for Microsoft to release the next preview build. Fortunately, it didn't take long as it came out on Friday, and it's safe to say that it introduced even more than many were anticipating (but still no Spartan browser). However, in case you missed it, DirectX 12 is actually enabled in this Windows 10 release, though unfortunately we'll need to wait for graphics drivers and apps that support it, to take advantage of DX 12 features and performance enhancements.

Comment: Re:Early fragmentation (Score 2) 412

by angel'o'sphere (#48900325) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Pascal Underrated?

Pascal, especially the versions running on the UCSD P-Systems, was once the largest install base of computer software.

Your analysis is wrong. No one really knows why C displaced Pascal, in fact I would say, it was not C but C++.

My judgement is that the high costs of Eiffel and Ada compilers/envirnomnets helped C++ to pave the way.

Around that time (1990 - 1995) we also had a rise of OO and CASE and modeling methods (OMT, Booch etc. and later UML). I assume the focus of modeling tools on SmallTalk and C++ and very soon Java (1997) made it even more troublesome for Pascal.

Back stage the Pascal companies where canibalizing themselves. The winner, the company buying or destroying the competition, simply did not last and got sold, bought out or whatever ... they simply vanished.

The same with C#, the language only exists because MS made a mistake in their EEE policy regarding Java. The arguable benefits of one language over the other where established an half or a full decade later. (None had generics or lambdas when developed ... etc.)

C never had a hughe standard library, it still has not till to our days. so this argument makes no sense at all. Even C++ still lacks standard threading and standard GUI libraries ... I guess one or the other is now addressed by boost and Qt ... but like Apache for Java, this are third parties.

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