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Comment The MDM server is in Austria! (Score 1) 123

You have a good point:

$ host has address

$ whois ... snip...
netname: Schneid-GmbH
descr: Schneid GmbH
descr: Herbert Schneid
descr: PIRKA
descr: IPs statically assigned
country: AT

maxmind corroborates the information.

So... Sprint are putting control of your phone into the hands of someone in Austria. Nice going, guys!

Comment Re:I'd say the primary use is non-portable (Score 1) 224

I agree 100%! I'm thinking the same thing for my parents who are moving from a house into a rather small independent living facility where space is at a premium. Having a tiny box like this connected to a decent monitor with full keyboard and mouse would certainly help them. And it would serve ALL of their computing needs. (At 87 and 90 years old, they only focus on Web surfing, creating and printing letters, and playing Freecell.) I just received mine yesterday, but it was DOA so I sent it back for exchange. When I get a working one, I'll put it through its paces and determine if it is something appropriate for my parents.

Comment I Received my Kangaroo PC...and it was DOA (Score 1) 224

I plugged it in and it would not power on. I left it plugged in to charge overnight, but it doesn't power on. So I got an RMA from NewEgg from without issue, and back it goes. I'm looking forward to the replacement, but how frustrating?!?

That said, what I can say is that the construction is very solid, and it is quite compact--about the size of a large smartphone. It's an intriguing device that could have many uses. This could serve as a simple Home Theater PC running Kodi, Plex, Netflix, etc. I might even consider getting one for my parents who are moving into an independent living facility to give them an extremely compact yet usable computer that would more than suit their needs.

Given that I couldn't power it on, I can say that physically, the only real con I found is the AC adapter: The connector seats very, VERY loosely into the dock. (Maybe that's the issue with mine?) There's no perceptible click, snap, or even tight feeling to tell that it's seated correctly. One bump, and it could easily jar loose. (I checked for obstructions and found none.)

I am looking forward to getting the replacement.

Comment IceComm: serverless video conferencing, very easy. (Score 1) 115

Set up IceComm on a web site that only you and your kids can access, and give them the Chrome browser with a bookmark to go there at scheduled times ..

Very easy to set up server less video conferencing. Add a bit of TogetherJS to the mix and you've got realtime chat as well - without needing to install anything on any local computers besides the Chrome browser.

I use IceComm on my main server as the 'front door' to my business - I have a browser sitting on my front door all day, and whenever clients visit I'm ready for them. Its just like having a virtual front door to the business .. very handy and very care-free for the customers.

Comment Re:The problem is that landfills are too cheap (Score 1) 371

You can't make something expensive "free," but you can force people to pay for something they wouldn't voluntarily pay for via taxes.

By taxing goods up front proportionally to their reclamation costs (and the costs of their packaging) we could fund "free" recycling and even encourage manufacturers to adopt more environmentally-friendly designs.

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