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Comment Re:Sanders 2016 (Score 1) 176

... Kennedy changed it to around 75% in the early 1960s. Yet that period was one of the most productive in terms of economic growth and infrastructure building...

That was a production based economy with two continents needing massive rebuilding. We now have a consumer based economy; you need cash to consume.

Insert car analogy here illustrating fundamentally different argument starting points.

Comment Re:What's the "per capita" term based on? (Score 1) 285

Those folks can't really comprehend long distance driving and how necessary it is.

Folks around major metros measure road trips in time, not miles.

As I type, I'm about 80 miles from the University of Illinois Urbana campus, and 2 hours from Chicago's O'hare airport. Congestion makes distance immaterial to the situation. At midnight I'm still 80 miles from the university, but only 50 minutes from the airport.

Comment Re:Why make science and engineering toys girly? (Score 1) 490


I tried to mold my daughter into a 'tomboy'. I taught her to shoot a rifle; now she wants a pink one of her own. I even gave here two older brothers to really ramp up the pressure.

I'm in tech, her oldest brother is going to be a Chem E soon, and the middle guy tears apart anything with an engine.

Despite all that she is unabashedly, unapologetically a girly girl. My daughter wants to be a veterinarian and you can't get much more feminine than kittens and puppys.

It's like she was programmed before birth to be !boy. Freakin weird.

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