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Comment: Re:Who are these idiot futurists? (Score 1) 553

MAYBE machine intelligence will surpass humans in some ways, but where the hell do we get this idea that they’ll decide we’re unstable and wipe us out? Sci Fi? Do we get it from anything RATIONAL?

Your subject line holds the answer: Maybe the idiot futurists really are in danger of being surpassed by machines!

They just haven't figured out that the rest of us aren't idiots too.

Comment: Re:And every one of them... (Score 0, Troll) 61

by Black Parrot (#47339015) Attached to: FBI Issued 19,000 National Security Letters In 2013

Learn a little history. They'll target conservative extremists, but they create files on liberals just for being liberal.

IRS affair has nothing to do with the FBI. (Also, there is some indication that it's more Bengazi-style spin from the right than actual substance.)

Obama has nothing to do with it.

Comment: Re:left out the most important steps (Score 2) 93

by b1t r0t (#47133073) Attached to: How LEDs Are Made

The articled failed to mention the most important aspects of the LED manufacturing: wafering and the MOCVD that deposits the light emitting materials

It didn't "fail to mention" that, it started with the pre-cut dies. This place turns cut dies into finished LEDs, and they documented what they saw. This was in China, and the dies are apparently made in Taiwan (so maybe they are crap), and they weren't anywhere near there.

And yes, fabs are serious alchemy. Like the time when Fairchild was a new company, and they found out that their transistor yields were being affected by workers not washing their hands after taking a leak. The chemicals in urine were fucking up the process.

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