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Comment Re:Risk Tolerance not that High (Score 1) 95

I live in the Netherlands, and while some of the things you describe happen here too, education is improving here. Not because of improved teaching methods, although there have been some innovations like interactive schoolboards and the use of the internet for finding information, but mostly because we set minimal levels of the skills teachers need to have. And still there is always a call for better, faster and radically different education. But nobody ever seems to care about why this is necessary and what good education is. Also, new methods that are tried out are not eveluated and our governments don't have long-term visions about education. Our current gouvernment doesn't have any vision about any subject, and therefore reacts to any stimulans (like accidents, disasters but also good things) with unnecessary new laws. What our education system needs most at the moment is a government that does nothing about it.

Comment Re:Risk Tolerance not that High (Score 1) 95

There are lots of people who claim that the current education methods are 'archaic' and 'old fashioned' but I never heard any one of them claim why that is so. I have the impression that much of the drive to change education is just for the sake of change (and for the sake of money in the pockets of the producers of the books etc that go with it).

Comment Re:stupid article (Score 1) 485

That's funny. I had exactly the same experience on my Mac (i7 with 8 GB) running Windows 8.1. It told me to wait until the 29th of July. I checked the bottom right corner of the screen, where it said July 29, 2015 or something similar, waited for about twenty minutes, and gave up.

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