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Comment: Re:Simplest is best (Score 1) 259

by tsa (#48597505) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Software For Image Organization?

This. I have a few categories like animals, landscapes and the like where the date I have taken the pictures doesn't matter so much but most of my pictures are in [path]/happenings/[date][description]. All file names in that directory also start with the date and a description, followed by a number to keep them in a logical order.

Comment: Fine motorics (Score 1) 523

by tsa (#48489827) Attached to: Finland Dumps Handwriting In Favor of Typing

It's funny that all the nerds here who can only write in horrible print want to ditch cursive writing so fast. Cursive is important not only because it looks prettier and is easier to read (have you ever read a EULA? I thought so. One of the reasons most EULAs are in capitals only is that that makes them very hard to read), but writing is a way to learn very fine motoric skills that you can only get by practicing and are hard to learn when your brain is fully formed. And those very fine motoric skills come in handy in all kinds of situations, like drawing, needlework, fumbling with modern electronics, repairing old watches or other small mechanical things, etc etc. so learning to write cursive is a means to many ends, only one of which is good writing.

Comment: Re:What? (Score 2) 250

by tsa (#48348275) Attached to: Long-term Study Finds No Link Between Video Game Violence and Real Violence

I agree. Hollywood has learned us that violence solves every problem. Even children's cartoons are full of angry characters and violence these days. I wouldn't let my kids watch Cars II, for instance, and there are more 'children's cartoons' like that. I can't believe all the violence kids see during their lives doesn't have any influence on them, especially if they watch it without their parents around to help them make sense of what they see.

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