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Comment Why is the human race so important (Score 3, Insightful) 235

Why is it so important to preserve the human race? We keep wiping ourselves out: many great civilizations have perished because all the available land was used up for food. Now we are able to make our whole planet uninhabitable for ourselves, and quote a long way on our way to doing exactly that. We are unsustainable and we should therefore die out. And besides, after you're dead, what does it matter to you what happens to humanity?

Comment Re:Stupid idea (Score 1) 145

Children up to about the age of 7 should be allowed to develop their imagination while the brain is most plastic to it. Later they can strengthen their use of rules and cold discipline and control when they become older and more cynical.

Indeed. Five year old kids should play with balls and dolls and cars and sand and mud and Lego, not with computers. Let them discover the world they live in first before chaining them to a computer and letting them do 'tasks.'

Comment Re:Fail. (Score 1) 250

No they're Canadians, Mexicans etc. and they live in the CONTINENTS that are called America, not in the COUNTRY that's called the United Stetes of America. You see? Your education sucks because you don't even know the difference between a country and a continent. I bet you believe Europe is a country too.

Comment Saturation (Score 1) 200

The market for ereaders is saturated. So Amazon has to try something else. Luckily they still sell normal Kindles.
And about the buttons: I have the last buttoned Kindle and I was sad to see it go. But I guess I can get used to a touch screen.

What about colored e-ink? Is that just around the corner like it was in 2011, or is there some progress there?

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