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+ - 210 million Facebook friends graphed by region->

Submitted by trybywrench
trybywrench (584843) writes "From the first paragraph of the article: "As I've been digging deeper into the data I've gathered on 210 million public Facebook profiles, I've been fascinated by some of the patterns that have emerged. My latest visualization shows the information by location, with connections drawn between places that share friends. For example, a lot of people in LA have friends in San Francisco, so there's a line between them.""
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Role Playing (Games)

+ - Gang Kidnaps Gamer to Get Password Using Fake Orku

Submitted by trybywrench
trybywrench (584843) writes ""An armed gang of four kidnapped one of the world's top RPG gamers after one criminal's girlfriend lured him into a fake date using Orkut, Google's social network. After sequestering him in Sao Paulo, they held a gun against the victim's head for five hours to get his password, which they wanted to sell for $8,000. And yes, the story gets even better." story is here"

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