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Comment Javascript bug (Score 1) 285

Back before I really got to know my good friend Javascript I encountered the ol' truthy vs truth thing. If I remember right it was a single element array with the value 0 that tested to false. Something like var x = [0]; and then if ( x ) equates to false. That one can really unnerve someone not familiar with the pyscho-gf that is Javascript.

Comment The vote is too late, it won't make any difference (Score 2) 359

They vote is too late, they will default. Yves Smith over at NakedCapitalism lays it out nicely.

"We described in detail how the referendum scheduled in Greece for next Sunday, July 5, is a cynical exercise in democracy theater. The Greek people are being asked to vote on a (draft) proposal by Greece’s lenders to unlock €7.2 billion in funds, the last portion of the so-called “second bailout” agreed by the Greek government in 2012. Tsipras knew at the time he announced the referendum that the proposal expired on June 30; that was the known-well-in-advance final date for the bailout terms to be agreed if each and every one of the 18 Eurozone countries agreed. We said it was a no-brainer that they would not agree; in Germany as with some of the other countries, it would require parliamentary approval to accommodate Greece’s too-late request, and there was no reason for any of them to cut Greece slack when the government has plenty of opportunity to schedule the vote in time, so it actually would inform the government’s actions.

Instead, Tsipras has already taken the decision to miss the €1.6 billion IMF payment due June 30 and the €3.5 billion ECB payment that falls on July 20, while falsely telling Greek citizens that they have a say in this momentous choice."

Comment Teamsters (Score 1) 228

I wonder what the Teamsters have to say about this? I suppose it could go either way, if one driver can now do the job of a two person team then it cuts union membership revenue in half, that's bad. On the other hand, if drivers can stay rested and not end up on speed then that's more money that can be spent on union dues, that's good.

Comment Re:Larger landing area (Score 1) 342

Isn't this what one of the Mars Rovers did? They "flew" it to a landing area by just tilting and then controlling the tilt IIRC. Oh and I completely agree with Sardaukar86, whenever I start thinking I'm hot shit I go watch some SpaceX videos and I'm back to my humble self.

Comment Re:It's FUCKING EXPENSIVE and the theatre is ANNOY (Score 1) 400

"That's not entirely fair, they were chasing the Nirvana money - Nevermind had just come out and I am sure everyone saw dollar signs."

I can see that and besides Master of Puppets and And Justice for All were the very peak of the genre. How can you out heavy metal either of those 2 albums? There was no where else to go except a different direction and the tides were turning with grunge anyway.

Comment fuel weight (Score 3, Insightful) 81

I thought the main limiting factor of lifting mass to space was also having to carry the fuel with you? SpaceX hauls its fuel to get to space and even extra fuel to land. How are they able to afford to lift the extra mass? Are their engines that much more efficient? I'll stop with the questions marks ;)

Comment Re:I love them (Score 1) 277

"I carry it in my front pants pocket. It snags not more than any other rectangular deice (because it's always the corner that gets snagged by a fold) and I can actually use it to browse the web without unusable mobile versions of websites and without pinchzooming like a deranged person."

Exactly. I use chrome, youtube, maps, and text messaging at least 5x more than I use the actual phone app. My note2 is a little awkward to hold to me ear but, like I said, I'm rarely using the phone. These days, the phone feature is just an app that comes in handy sometimes vs the primary mode of operation.

Comment more excited about V2V (Score 3, Informative) 185

I hope a V2V API is released, I would love to create an app that hops ahead from car to car and reports back the average speed and brake usage of 10 cars 3 miles ahead of me. Real time traffic congestion avoidance would actually be possible. It would also be cool to know that a car 3 ahead of me has just slammed on their breaks (animal/obstacle in the road etc). All kinds of things come to mind.

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