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Comment Re:Lower taxes (Score 2) 312

You would just move from paying for them through political and bureaucratic middle-men to paying for them directly, with a choice of suppliers catering to your specific needs and competition to keep the prices down.

Ha... ha... hahaha, yes, if only the meddling government would get out of the way, we'd have a free market utopia!

Comment Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 306

Wait, your counterpoint is that Obama is NOT "towards the center"? There is far more room to Obama's left than there was to McCain or Romney's right, at least in what they said during their primaries, and positions they purported to support. I think the median Democratic politician is far closer to the 'center' of current American politics (and the center of the American electorate) than the median Republican politician. There's a lot of reasons for that, primarily since far more moderate Republicans have been replaced (in 2010 and 2014 in particular) than Democrats. I think anyone who believes Obama is 'left-wing' is off base; he's certainly on 'the left', but by no means is he in the far left wing of American politics. He's a pragmatic Democrat, and while I believe he's further left of, say, Hillary Clinton, he's certainly not as far left as Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders.

Comment Re:Countless Comments on Prior Articles & Now (Score 2) 219

You appear to have missed recent news reports stating that ISIS is using chemical weapons they obtained from storage locations in Iraq, where they had been put by the Saddam regime.

Allegations only, there's no "stating" that they used chemical weapons, just reporting that Iraqi forces claimed there was yellow smoke, indicating chlorine gas:

Comment Re:Poor Conservative States? (Score 1) 739

Right, but it also points to the frequent (and incorrect) assumption by conservatives that more poor are in urban (i.e., liberal) areas, when the reality is that the poverty rates are highest in rural areas (and increased more during the recession), for obvious reasons.

Certainly there are deeply stricken urban areas (Chicago, LA and NYC all have this issue, for example), but I do find many conservatives don't realize that there are plenty of poor in their 'red' states... they're just out of sight. (And sadly, frequently out of mind, as well)

Comment Re:This is what the polls say (Score 1) 739

No, if you ask them about specific items that are in the law, they are in favor of them. But when you just ask about "Obamacare", they are against it: http://politicalticker.blogs.c...

Then further in the post above, and also in the one below, people are specifically against "Obamacare" but were in favor of the "Affordable Care Act", despite those two being the EXACT SAME THING: http://politicalticker.blogs.c...

Comment Re:So, is this delay legal? (Score 1) 600

Immigration laws? This president has deported more people than ANY other. The deportation numbers are an 'all time high', so I don't understand where you're getting the idea that the president isn't enforcing immigration laws:

Comment Re:HTC should stop competing with Apple and Samsun (Score 1) 152

I like you idea of specialization but...

--HTC Marathon: Twice as thick as an iPhone...with a 5,000mAh battery that can last two full days on a charge.

That would just equal what an iPhone 5 gives users today in terms of battery life.

Only if that iPhone 5 isn't doing *anything*; I haven't seen any iPhone 5s that last much longer than a day, and then only on light, low-use days!

Comment Re:Reduce gun violence? (Score 2) 436

The parent never mentioned having an 'entitlement to personal safety'; please don't put words in people's mouths.

Also, as the executive officer of a large and powerful country (most would agree the the most powerful), ensuring the holder of the position's safety is important for many reasons, and if you can't see why that is, I think you may need to think a little more rationally on this.

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