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Comment Re:Back to iOS, then? (Score 0, Troll) 105

That's what I did, because I know that iOS is secure, that is... secure comparatively speaking to the steaming pile of crap that Android is. I'm not saying that iOS is 100% secure, no, that's not at all what I'm saying. What I am saying is that comparatively speaking, iOS seems more secure than Android.

Comment Re:Windows without a SSD isn't worth it (Score 1) 517

It's not just IOPS that are important, it's how fast a data storage device can read random bits of data. Benchmark people would refer to this as 4K Random Read Speeds.

A lot of disk benchmarking software has a benchmark that's called 4K Random Read Speeds. Basically it measures how fast the storage device can read random small bits of data. It's the one benchmarking number that most closely mirrors everyday computing such as when you're loading a program or booting your OS.

If you want to see some really pathetic numbers, go find out the 4K Random Read Speeds of a typical hard drive. You'll weep when you see the numbers. For instance, take a Western Digital Black Edition hard drive. It's often referred to as one of the fastest consumer hard drives on the market but their 4K Random Read Speeds are sub-1 MB/s compared to an SSD in which you'll find that 4K Random Read Speeds are in excess of 30 MB/s. And now you know why an SSD is faster than a spinning hard drive.

Comment Re:MS Paint (Score 1) 290

Secure? *chuckle*

Are you trying to make me laugh? Because you're doing a good job of it. Microsoft and Security hasn't gone together in... ever. Windows has more security holes in it than Swiss cheese has holes. It's only been used by the masses because they had a stranglehold on the market because of their PC monopoly.

But things are changing and not for the best in the land of Microsoft. Microsoft is quickly losing relevance in today's post-PC market in which people no longer want PCs, they want a shiny tablet which more than likely will have an Apple logo on the back. Face it, Microsoft is dying and they know it. Proof is in the fact that Microsoft is putting Android and iPhone first for apps like Office, OneNote, Skype, Outlook, OneDrive, etc. They aren’t making these apps for other platforms just for the sake of making them available, they are making them available because they need to or they’re dead.

Comment Re:Open Source Windows (Score 2) 290

More and more people are choosing to dump the traditional desktop and go with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Most people don't have a need for the traditional desktop anymore, most can get by with an iPad or some other Android-powered tablet.

Windows 8 and by extension Windows 10 is a last ditch effort for Microsoft to hold onto some semblance of relevance in today's post-PC world. Unfortunately for Microsoft, Windows 8 was a flop and by extension Windows 10 will be a flop because nobody wants a Microsoft anything these days. Microsoft and by extension Windows used to be a household name, now it's not. The name on everyone's mind now is Apple with their iPad.

Comment Re:Open Source Windows (Score 4, Insightful) 290

Windows is reliable now since NT came and gets shit done

Other than the fact that the system contains legacy code that's chock full of security bugs dating back to the early 1990s. Supporting legacy software is why Microsoft can't change and in the end, it's going to kill them. Other companies that are smaller and more agile will kill Microsoft.

Microsoft sees the writing on the wall, they know that the end is near. You can see that in how they are making apps for the iPhone and Android devices. Things like Office, OneNote, Skype, Outlook, OneDrive, etc. They aren’t making these apps for other platforms just for the sake of making them available, they are making them available because they need to or they’re dead.

The computing industry that we have today is not a Microsoft dominated industry anymore and Microsoft knows it. They sat on their desktop monopoly for too long and the rest of the industry flew past them while they were sleeping.

Comment Re:So like Japan? (Score 0) 950

No, there's a difference. Women will stab you in the back when you're not looking. They guys I've seen in passing will stab women right in the chest (figuratively speaking of course).

I'm a guy and no, I don't have anyone because well... I don't fit into the category of men that today's women want; you know the type. All muscle no brain, the kind that will only screw her for one night and leave her with a child and no child support. Oh, I'm sorry... I let my cynicism show through there.

Comment Re:You reap what you sow. (Score 2) 636

But here's the problem. Unlike in the past we really do have the technology to put everyone out of work. Everyone including...

* The factory worker. Once thought as a safe job, now being replaced by robots.
* The warehouse worker. Again, once thought as a safe job, now being replaced by robots. We had an article about this on this very site.
* Retail employee working the cash register, replaced by self-scan registers.
* Fast food worker, replaced by self-order kiosks and machines that can even make a burger.
* Customer and technical support agents on the phone, replaced by the likes of IBM Watson.
* Janitor, replaced by a robot that can clean toilets, mop floors, etc.

And that's just the start of the jobs that everyday people rely on for their very survival that simply won't exist anymore. Not everyone can have a college degree. Hell, we have too many of them as it is in the USA. Tons of people with college degrees, even technical degrees, and they can't find work. Why? Because either the job has been completely automated by a computer or a robot.

So when all of that happens, what do you think is going to happen? The very people who were once the life-blood of the economy will quite simply have no way to earn money. The system will collapse.

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