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Comment: Re:Not really missing vinyl (Score 1) 431

by trparky (#48597481) Attached to: Vinyl Record Pressing Plants Struggle To Keep Up With Demand
I thought the sampling rate refers to how many times per second changes in the wave form are tracked. Obviously the higher the amount of times the wave form changes are tracked per second the more true to the analog form of the wave the digital version of it will be (if that makes any sense). And isn't that what we want? A more true to the original wave form representation? More data should equal less interpretation the DAC needs to do to convert the digital back to analog.

Comment: Re:50 engineers (Score -1, Troll) 157

by trparky (#48581309) Attached to: Google Closing Engineering Office In Russia
And you're going to be seeing a lot more companies that have operations in Russia doing the same thing. Don't be surprised that by next year there will be no foreign companies operating in Russia and Russia wants it that way.

Basically, Russia has said in no uncertain terms that they don't want to play ball with the rest of the world. Their latest actions have shown that they want to become an isolationist and cut themselves off from the rest of the world. "We're Russia! We don't need the world! We can survive without you!" That's basically what Russia is saying.

OK Russia, can we have that block of IP addresses that you're not going to be using now that you've cut yourself off from the global Internet?

Comment: Re:Free for the community (Score 2, Informative) 326

by trparky (#47849377) Attached to: Stallman Does Slides -- and Brevity -- For TEDx

A BSD license may as well be proprietary because eventually it will become proprietary if it is of any use at all.

Is a horrendous POS. It is factually wrong. If you can't see or accept that then you really do need to grow up a little, both politically and intellectually.

Ok, so please explain this one.

Take OpenBSD, there's a reason why much of Apple Mac OS X is based upon OpenBSD. Apple needed a new OS, they looked about and saw an already written base operating system with a nice licensing agreement that states that if you make any modifications to the source code you are under no legal requirement release said changes back to the community from which the original code came from. That is essentially what the BSD license states.

However, the GPL states that if you make changes to the source code you are legally required to release said changes back to the community.

That's why Apple OS X is largely based upon OpenBSD. Apple can make changes all they want and they can keep those changes to themselves and the OpenBSD community doesn't have a legal leg to stand on to prevent that from happening.

Comment: Re:Final nail in the Itanium coffin (Score 1) 161

by trparky (#47774815) Attached to: Research Shows RISC vs. CISC Doesn't Matter
You can't add too many stages to the pipeline or you end up with the Intel NetBurst Pentium 4 Prescott mess again. It had an horrendously long 31-stage pipeline. Can you say... Branch Prediction Failure? The damn thing produced more branch prediction failures than actual work. That's essentially why the NetBurst was completely scrapped and why they went back to the drawing board.

Comment: Re:What is the expected edge? (Score 1) 110

by trparky (#47630309) Attached to: AMD Prepares To Ship Gaming SSDs
OCZ? *chuckles* *snorts* *laughs* *falls off chair laughing*

Anyways, now that I had a good laugh for the day I can say that I wouldn't hit a dog in the ass with any SSD (or any SSD made with components) from OCZ. Their reliability is shit and until Toshiba can clean up OCZ's act I won't touch an SSD made by them with someone else's ten foot pole.

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