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+ - Attacking and Defending the Tor Network->

Submitted by Trailrunner7
Trailrunner7 (1100399) writes "In a talk at the USENIX LEET workshop Tuesday, Nick Mathewson of the Tor Project discussed the group's recent challenges in responding to suppression efforts by governments in Egypt, China and elsewhere. What the Tor members have learned in these recent incidents is that while governments are becoming more up front about their willingness to shut off Internet access altogether or censor content, users are also becoming more resourceful.
Mathewson said that the group is working on methods for alleviating the problems that national-level restrictions cause for Tor users. One method involves moving to a modular transport method in order to get around some of the throttling that ISPs perform on encrypted traffic in order to make Tor usage more difficult.
In a separate talk at LEET, Stevens LeBlond of INRIA in France presented research on methods for tracing Tor users back to their IP address. One of the attacks, which LeBlond and his co-authors titled "Bad Apple," used an exit node that the researchers controlled in order to trace the streams of data sent by users of BitTorrent over Tor back to their IP addresses."

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The Almighty Buck

+ - Warren Buffett: Social Networks are 'Overpriced'->

Submitted by Stoobalou
Stoobalou (1774024) writes "Warren Buffett has warned that social networks could prove the next Dotcom bubble, suggesting some sites may be 'overpriced' ahead of future stock market flotations.
The comments from the multi-billionaire CEO and founder of Berkshire Hathaway come in the wake of recent valuations that put the worth of Facebook at $85 billion, and micro-blogging site Twitter at $5 billion."

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+ - IBM: Master Of Rebranding The Mainframe-> 2

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jfruhlinger writes "You might have been surprised to learn earlier this week that sales of Unix servers were flat, while mainframe sales were spiking nicely. Kevin Fogarty gives credit to IBM's marketing skills for constantly repackaging their mainframe line as just the thing for whatever the hot technology of the day is — ERP, web serving, data management, or (today) the cloud. But Fogarty questions whether mainframes are worth the substantial investment."
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+ - Discovery's Last Go Round, As Seen From The Ground->

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SoyQueSoy writes "Incredible footage of the passage of the International Space Station and Discovery, taken on February 28th 2011 at 17:58UT from the area of Weimar, Germany. A stereoscopic 3D version is also included for your viewing pleasure, as well as footage from February 26. Details about the Takahashi EM400 motorized satellite tracking setup used to make these are on this page..."
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+ - Dating site inports 250k facebook profiles->

Submitted by mark72005
mark72005 (1233572) writes "How does a unknown dating site, with the absurd intention of destroying Facebook, launch with 250,000 member profiles on the first day?


You scrape data from Facebook.

At least, that’s the approach taken by two provocateurs who launched this week, with profiles — names, locations and photos — scraped from publicly accessible Facebook pages. The site categorizes these unwitting volunteers into personality types, using a facial recognition algorithm, so you can search for someone in your general area who is “easy going,” “smug” or “sly.”"

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Comment: Re:Donutleaks strikes again! (Score 3, Insightful) 185

by tropicdog (#34545906) Attached to: Sheriff's Online Database Leaks Info On Informants
Stop looking for some conspiracy.

"Deputies have used the database since 1989 to collect and share intelligence gathered during the course of police work. It contains 200,000 names — Mesa County's population is about 150,000 — and includes investigative files from a local drug task force.

The information included data about Mesa County employees, information from the nearby Fruita and Palisade police departments — and possibly information from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Grand Junction police."

It wouldn't be very hard to have 200,000 entries in 21 years. Police investigations take in info on friends of friends and acquaintances. The data set likely includes most of the Mexican drug cartel's known players.

Comment: Re:could be worse (Score 1) 446

by dwarfsoft (#32003934) Attached to: Paper Manufacturer Launches "Print More" Campaign
I disagree about how nobody wants a dog. We have a 5 year old dog here and he is awesome. My 1 year old daugther loves playing with him too. The puppy mills are a terrible shame and people who like the idea of a puppy or kitten but don't want to put in the time to care, train and nurture their pet should just bypass it.

Comment: Well, I guess I can see that happening (Score 1) 648

by Moraelin (#32003500) Attached to: When We Finally Meet Aliens, They Will Probably Be...

Well, thinking about it, I can see a market for curios and souvenirs between the two planets. Even factoring in the extreme fuel costs to haul them, some+ people will want them precisely because they're extremely expensive, as status symbols. Heck, maybe even some wines and exotic fruits and such. I can see some Andromedan billionaire flaunting a bottle of genuine californian vodka at a party, or some Earth billionaire flaunting a precious bottle of genuine Andromedan "Targ Piss" beer.

I just don't see the "conquistador" scenario I was answering to. Most of the costs there would be in the transport, and actually hauling an army to conquer whoever is making those curios would cost more than you save there.

Comment: Re:How can maintaining the status quo cause job lo (Score 2, Insightful) 187

by toriver (#32002284) Attached to: The Truth About Net Neutrality Job Loss

Libertarian dogma that ignores the advances brought by collective solutions like interpersonal trade and even cities. Do you selfish apes never tire of using the safeties and niceties of the modern civilization to pine for the self-sufficiency of the stone age?

Read some Adam Smith instead of Ayn "Freaky" Rand - or even Aleister Crowley.

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