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Journal Journal: Second time modding

Just received 15 mod points. This is my second time receiving mod points.

Now I have to STFU or else I can't mod. And I have to read EVERYTHING (all the -1 posts) as well.

Arrgghh, I don't have the time!

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Journal Journal: Not yet changing my nickname

Someone wrote that I should get a new moniker. He guessed that I was trying to be funny with "troll8901".

My answer:
Yes, I was trying to be funny, but over the past few months, some of my messages were marked "-1, Troll/Redundant/Off-topic", and quite rightly too. I learned a lot by being marked down.

One of my recent messages might be modded "3, Insightful", but the last line "I just wasted 15 minutes on you!" is pure flame, and I should have STFU. I found that lately I couldn't resist flaming other people sometimes.

Well... I guess I may change my moniker or create a new one, when I can write well, default to 1, and get modded 3 to 5 most of the time. Especially "Funny".

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Journal Journal: My first mod points

I got my mod points for the first time.

EDIT on 11 Apr 2009: I ended up using 1 point only (out of 5), to mod a post as Funny. I knew mod points would give me a feeling of POWER, and to combat the seductiveness of power, I had intentionally refrained from blowing the mod points the first time round. I wanted to teach myself to resist the urge of deciding other people's posts' fates.

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Journal Journal: "The Administrator" fiasco (my fault)

On Sat 14 March 2009, I complained about Team Fortress 2 Blog having holier-than-thou words, by saying that the "Administrator who enjoys his powers a little too much".

I'm ashamed to say that I'm 100% entirely wrong. These words were in fact posted in-character style, following the game's style. The words were aimed at gamers who understood the humor behind the sarcastic style.

Please see the rebukes to my comment. I'm now hanging my head in shame. My comment definitely deserved the "0" points that it originally received.

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Journal Journal: Gut-driven reactions vs experience

My carefully crafted (debatable) messages are mostly ignored (neither replies nor mods).

My one hastily written message, relating something from my work experience, got rated "Score:2, Interesting". And also attracted a reply, "It is nice to have some feedback from someone who has actually tried something of the sort, instead of the usual gut-driven reactions."

I guess that's the difference.

I still have Excellent karma, but karma is useless when everyone else ignores you. So I think I'd rather risk my karma and begin actually writing from experience and, um, insight (debatable, heh).

P/S: How do I hide the asterik? The FAQ mentions "no karma bonus" but it doesn't seem to hide the asterik.

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Journal Journal: I'm stagnant.

I'm stagnant. No posts rated anything above 1. All attempts at humor failed. Nobody bothered to reply to me. Unable to gain any respect among SD writers. Nobody gave me any Informative, Insightful, or Funny tags. :(

Did I mention that nobody bothered to reply to me in my posts?

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Journal Journal: I need to improve my posts

I've been posting rubbish in Slashdot recently (roughly between 20 to 24 Nov 2008).

I'm not happy that I'm taking on certain negative traits for forum writing. I need to get rid of them somehow.

I need to take a chill pill and change my way of thinking. This is a way to improve.

The possession of a book becomes a substitute for reading it. -- Anthony Burgess