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Comment: I've not seen this... (Score 1) 312

by troll (#48492999) Attached to: In UK Study, Girls Best Boys At Making Computer Games

Most of the posters either denigrated the study or made the assertion that we catch up later in life.
This defensive response validates the study and shows the insecurity of the male mindset.
Female minds integrate facts faster and better than the male mind and females multitask better than males.
I believe that the female mind is more adapted to the psychology of game-making than the male mind. The programming technology for game development allows this difference to manifest.
Programming is the means to an end. Remove the technological hurdle and the innate abilities show themselves.
Males are better at learning programming; it's a cognitive task that we are good at. Females want to "get to it" without having to learn the language.

Girl-invented games would be more relational than sequential, have more intricate plots and provide more variety of response to a (perceived) threat.

So there.

Comment: A possible solution --- no comments :-) (Score 1) 683

by troll (#42467983) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Can I Explain To a Coworker That He Writes Bad Code?

At one shop we had code walk-throughs. They specifically not termed "code-walkons,"
Several programmers --- no managers --- would schedule a conference to review and comment on code.
These walk-throughs were a good idea --- the coder wasn't attacked by one person; others were (probably) more tactful than yours truly.
I learned a lot of respect for my co-workers, not to mention new ways of doing things.

Comment: /. database (Score 1) 410

by troll (#39600013) Attached to: Slashdot Coming Attractions

I searched for PostgreSQL and didn't find it.
I respectfully suggest that you replace your planned database engine with PostgreSQL.
    1. it doesn't use litigaton as part of its profit picture;
    2. is is about as fast as the selected database when specified with similar options;
    3. it doesn't lose data as much as the selected database by a wide margin.
    4. it is tied to the academic community.
Just a few thoughts.

To err is human -- to blame it on a computer is even more so.