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Google Releases Open Source NX Server 257

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the free-and-good-together-defies-reason dept.
wisesifu writes with news of a new open source NX server, dubbed NeatX, that was released by Google and promptly lost in the shuffle of the Chrome OS announcement. "NX technology was developed by NoMachine to handle remote X Window connections and make a graphical desktop display usable over the Internet. By its own admission, Google has been looking at remote desktop technologies for 'quite a while' and decided to develop Neatx as existing NX server products are either proprietary or difficult to maintain. 'The good old X Window system can be used over the network, but it has issues with network latency and bandwidth. Neatx remedies some of these issues,' Google engineers wrote on the company's open source blog. NoMachine had released parts of the source code to its NX product under the GPL, but the NX server remained proprietary. [...] Neatx is written in Python, with a few wrapper scripts in Bash and one program written in C 'for performance reasons.'"

+ - Sony to add IM and GPS capabilities to the PSP

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Sony announced that they would be adding IM, chatting (through a software package called Go!Messenger) and GPS capabilities to the PSP starting January 2008. The Go!Messenger software would be available as a firmware update, meaning that it would be free. The Go!GPS package price has not been released. Url: p-capabilites-with-go-messenger-and-go-explore/

+ - Wordlogic Patented Predictive Interface 1

Submitted by
Packetl055 writes: "Have any of you heard anything about this new high tech company (Wordlogic) with a soon to be granted/issued patent with 117 claims for predictability software? They recently received the patent approval/allowance letter from the U.S. Patent Office see link. Their patent application was submitted in March 2000. If I read this correctly any software that gives you any prediction after you type something is infringing on their patent (e.g. vehicle navigation systems, cellular telephones, PDA's, Google with their "Did You Mean" when using Google for a search, the new Apple I-Phone, Blackberry, Sony Playstation-3, etc. etc.). If true, this is going to be huge. Lawsuits after lawsuits because of infringements."

+ - India shows thumbs-down to Microsoft's OOXML->

Submitted by
kdrlx writes: "India on Thursday gave Microsoft a thumbs-down in the war of standards for office documents. "We unanimously agree on the disapproval of OOXML with comments. The same will be submitted to ISO," National Informatics Centre head and BIS technical committee chairperson Nita Verma said after a marathon meeting that lasted over six hours. _India_shows_thumbs-down_to_Microsoft/articleshow/ 2305780.cms"

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+ - Does the Wii Threaten Hardcore Gamers?->

Submitted by Incoherent07
Incoherent07 writes: In a Newsweek blog entry, Tyler Bleszinski, brother of Gears of War developer Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski, explains why the Wii's success worries him: "I sincerely believe that bringing new people to video games is a good thing. I like seeing the business continue to grow and be even more successful, because I'm old enough to remember the videogame industry crash between the Atari 5200 and the Nintendo Entertainment System. But ultimately, going more mainstream can have unintended consequences — ones that could negatively impact the breadth and depth of the kinds of games that I love, as do millions of others."
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+ - OSSv4 to be opensourced->

Submitted by
mriya3 writes: "A post by Dev Mazumdar on forums, reveals that 4Front Technologies is planning to opensource OSS v4.0. From the post: "The rumors are true, we're planning on open sourcing Open Sound (on June 14th). We will be offering the source code under CDDL to Solaris and GPLv2 for Linux BSD, OpenServer etc. (...) More details and source code will be made available on June 14th.". Open Sound System finally _open_?"
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+ - Sony cuts price on new Blu-ray player->

Submitted by
weighn writes: "USA today and many others cover the latest in the next gen optical storage media format war. "Sony Corp. said Monday it is including a small surprise with the new Blu-ray high-definition movie disc player it is shipping this week: a price tag $100 (euro74.40) lower than previously announced." One player is cheaper than a PS3."
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Comment: Is this anything but a sales gimmick? (Score 2, Interesting) 235

by troels (#18330631) Attached to: HDMI-Enabled Graphics Cards Debut
Is this anything but a sales gimmick really? I mean, you can already get cards with DVI and HDCP which means you just need a DVI to HDMI cable to connect it to a TV anyway. So now they hope to sell more of these because people who have bought a HDTV might already know the HDMI name and think they need that? Well, i guess the one benefit i can see is that you can save the audio cable, but personally i don't want the audio to go to the TV anyway.
User Journal

Journal: Top 50 Things To Do To Stop Global Warming

Journal by mauriziop

Global warming is a dramatically urgent and serious problem. We don't need to wait for governments to solve this problem: each one of us can bring an important help adopting a more responsible lifestyle: starting from little, everyday things. It's the only reasonable way to save our planet, before it is too late.


Golf-Ball Sized Hail Damages Shuttle 118

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the don't-make-me-stop-this-thing dept.
MattSparkes writes "The Shuttles March launch has been delayed to late April after golf-ball sized hail caused 7000 pits and divots in the foam that shields the fuel tank. NASA say it's the worst damage of its kind that they have ever seen, but hail is not a new problem for the agency. In 1982, a hailstorm damaged the sensitive heat shield tiles on the Columbia's wings. The damaged tiles then absorbed about 540 kilograms of rain. Once in space, the orbiter faced the Sun to allow the tiles to dry out."

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Drawing Near 331

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the millions-rejoicing-in-the-street dept.
daria42 writes "Ubuntu developers are finalizing preparations for the release of the next version — dubbed Feisty Fawn — of the popular Linux distribution in mid-April. Overnight, Ubuntu developer Tollef Fog Heen announced Ubuntu's main software repository had been frozen — with no changes allowed to the code — as developers got ready to issue a fifth major test version ("Herd 5") of the next version of Ubuntu."

GE Announces Advancement in Incandescent Technology 619

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the never-underestimate-ingenuity dept.
finfife writes to tell us that GE has announced an advancement in incandescent technology that promises to increase the efficiency of lightbulbs to put them on par with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). "The new high efficiency incandescent (HEI(TM)) lamp, which incorporates innovative new materials being developed in partnership by GE's Lighting division, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and GE's Global Research Center, headquartered in Niskayuna, NY, would replace traditional 40- to 100-Watt household incandescent light bulbs, the most popular lamp type used by consumers today. The new technology could be expanded to all other incandescent types as well. The target for these bulbs at initial production is to be nearly twice as efficient, at 30 lumens-per-Watt, as current incandescent bulbs. Ultimately the high efficiency lamp (HEI) technology is expected to be about four times as efficient as current incandescent bulbs and comparable to CFL bulbs. Adoption of new technology could lead to greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 40 million tons of CO2 in the U.S. and up to 50 million tons in the EU if the entire installed base of traditional incandescent bulbs was replaced with HEI lamps."The California legislature may want to revisit the wording of their proposed ban on incandescents (AB 722). How about mandating a level of efficiency rather than assuming that innovation can't happen?"

+ - What is the best Media Center software out there?

Submitted by
brm1974 writes: "

For the product by J. River.
A media center is a computer adapted for playing music, watching movies and pictures stored on a local harddrive or on a (in some cases wireless) network, watching DVD movies and often for watching and recording television broadcasts.

Have You guys tried any of those?
What do you think?

        * SageTV
        * Front Row (Apple)
        * GeeXboX (Linux)
        * GBPVR (Windows)
        * SesamTV (
        * MythTV (Linux)
        * Freevo (Linux)
        * Elisa (Linux) (
        * My Media System (Linux)
        * MediaPortal
        * TVedia
        * Windows XP Media Center Edition
        * Xbox Media Center (not to be confused with Windows XP Media Center eXtender)
        * Domotix (
        * XLobby (windows)"

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