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Artists Strive To Wrest Rights From Music Industry 287

eldavojohn writes "The funny thing about the RIAA & BPI is that the artists are just as tired as the fans with how online music is being handled. So they're trying something new called the Featured Artists' Coalition. FAC's site states in their charter: 'We believe that all music artistes should control their destiny because ultimately it is their art and endeavors that create the pleasure and emotion enjoyed by so many.' As digital releases are increasing, the artists aren't seeing any more money. With the advent of online distribution, are the traditional music industry functions of promotion, samples, radio, and marketing now nothing but costly overhead for the artists? From Iron Maiden to Kate Nash to Radiohead, some big names are backing this new organization."

Submission + - Virgin Media data blunder puts 3,000 at risk-> 1

Barence writes: "Virgin Media has admitted that one of its staff has lost a CD containing the unencrypted bank details of 3,000 customers. While it is standard practice for the company to transport files via secure FTP, one member of staff went against this security precaution on 29 May to take a CD containing bank details, addresses and names of customers from one office to another. Unfortunately, it was lost in transit. The member of staff is currently being "dealt with" according to a company spokesperson, but that doesn't help the public deal with yet another security disaster in the UK."
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