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Comment: Re:this isn't going to make you safe. (Score 1) 114

by tristes_tigres (#49422779) Attached to: DHS Wants Access To License-plate Tracking System, Again

Nice bit of shilling for corporate America. Did you learn to do it on your marketing job, perchance?

The officers of public corporation are charged by law to maximize the shareholder profit. If they stray from that duty in any significant way to actually do good, rather than appear to be "socially responsible" as a part of PR strategy, they will face shareholder lawsuits, hostile takeovers and removal by shareholder vote.

Comment: Re:this isn't going to make you safe. (Score 4, Interesting) 114

by tristes_tigres (#49397829) Attached to: DHS Wants Access To License-plate Tracking System, Again

"Not being government they are probably safer" ?

What an astonishingly ignorant statement. Billions of corporate propaganda clearly have had profound effect on Americans.

Corporation is by design and law fascist, top-down hierarchical organization that is unaccountable to public, and forbidden by law to have any motivation except profit motive. That is safer than however flawed and limited checks-and-balances of the government?

Comment: Re:writer doesn't get jeopardy, or much of anythin (Score 1) 455

Well - no, they did not. A single neuron is complicated and poorly understood at present. The network of 300 of those is not understood at all. The lego robot that you referenced is a primitive lookalike thta does not fully reproduce the behaviour of real worm.

Comment: Re:Errors (Score 1) 230

by tristes_tigres (#47102701) Attached to: The Flaw Lurking In Every Deep Neural Net

Except that it isn't an "error" in the way most people understand it. The neural net works correctly and as designed.

What is in error is the designers' and users' expectation that NN classifies things in the way that is "reasonable"
to a human. Which means, in turn, that the status of the whole discipline must be considered questionable.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" is a silly proverb. "Necessity is the mother of futile dodges" is much nearer the truth. -- Alfred North Whitehead