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Comment Re:Android != Google (Score 2) 256

almost nobody uses a stock "powered by Google" build

and in my circle on friends, everyone diss over htc sense, and the various "extensions" that are included by brands, ans many, including I, have rooted their phone just to go back to a simple AOSP (Android Open Source Platform) base build. True, not everyone will take that risk to get ride of the overlay that is installed, but if the choice was given, I'm sure many users would choose the blend, bare version.

Comment Re:Who gets the 1GB plan? (Score 2) 270

Well, in my country, 1Gb is almost the biggest dataplan any phone company offers, and it costs me 45$ per month . I could have an "unlimited" data plan for 150$ per month, but this price is simply outrageous. And no, I don't live in the tird world, in central Europe actually. Switzerland, where not everyone is a rich banker that promote tax evasion...

Comment Re:An empty gesture (Score 1) 294

I live 20 Km away from Bern, and let me tell you that when I take my motorbike, I don't see 2 hours of a ride like an hassle. Seriously, if you go north direction Basel, you have Germany and France around 1h30 of highway. South, you have Italy, but the alps make the drive much longer. West, you've got France again. And a nice ride along the biggest European lake, at the feet of the alps. On a sunny day, I can think of worst alternatives. On the East, you've got Liechtenstein, and a bit more North, Austria. So, really, from Bern, apart Italy (and Liechtenstein), you can reach 3 country in less than 2 hours. Not so bad. But what is most chocking, I think, is that apart /., I never heard of anything on the radio nor read in the newspaper about that subject. The people in this country are, for most of them, a bunch of lazy fat ass that like to listen to the extremist telling them how afraid they should be from the alien peoples and think that every living being want to come here to get rich.

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