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Happy Ada Lovelace Day ( 159

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, a time to celebrate the achievements of women in STEM fields. Several publications have put together lists of notable women to commemorate the day, such as tech pioneers, robotics experts, and historical engineers and scientists. Other are taking the opportunity to keep pushing against the elements of tech culture that remain sexist. From the BBC: On Ada Lovelace Day, four female engineers from around the world share their experiences of working in male-dominated professions. When Isis Anchalee's employer OneLogin asked her to take part in its recruitment campaign, she didn't rush to consult the selfie-loving Kardashian sisters for styling tips. "I was wearing very minimal make-up. I didn't brush my hair that day," she said. But the resulting image of Ms Anchalee created a social media storm when it appeared on Bart, the San Francisco metro. Lots of people questioned whether she really was an engineer. "It was not just limited to women — it resonates with every single person who doesn't fit with what the stereotype should look like," she said.

"My parents, my brother, my community, all were against me," said Sovita Dahal of her decision to pursue a career in technology. "I was going against traditional things. In my schooldays I was fascinated by electronic equipment like motors, transformers and LED lights. Later on this enthusiasm became my passion and ultimately my career," she said.


Why Self-Driving Cars Should Never Be Fully Autonomous ( 309

An anonymous reader writes: David Mindell, an MIT professor, says self-driving cars should never be fully autonomous. "There's an idea that progress in robotics leads to full autonomy. That may be a valuable idea to guide research but when automated and autonomous systems get into the real world, that's not the direction they head. We need to rethink the notion of progress, not as progress toward full autonomy, but as progress toward trusted, transparent, reliable, safe autonomy that is fully interactive: The car does what I want it to do, and only when I want it to do it." Mindell writes, "Google's utopian autonomy is a more brittle, less functional solution than a rich, human-centered automation."

Submission + - CNN won't pit Democrats against each other in debate (

tripleevenfall writes: CNN will stage the first Democratic presidential debate this week, and debate moderator Anderson Cooper said he won't be encouraging confrontations between the candidates. This will represent a marked departure from the GOP debate hosted by CNN, which featured split-screens showing candidates' reactions, and questions designed to incite the candidates to argue personally with each other.

Comment Re:New truthful slogan (Score 3, Funny) 153

The translated page for the first link is awesome:

Pepsi also do phone 5.5 inch screen priced at 1299
At 09:33 on October 11, 2015 Lei Feng network

Since soy sauce king also do hand ring, do any cross-border trade products have become rare. Recently, news that a beverage company to do a mobile phone. Recently, certification account named Pepsi phones coming microblogging Authentication information is "Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen play crazy." Yesterday, the official micro news release said:. "Recently, a lot of information about PepsiCo phones on the network, thank you for your attention, through communication and cooperation within the company, next Tuesday we will bring more surprises for everyone."


Electoral System That Lessig Hopes To Reform Is Keeping Him Out of the Debate ( 227

schwit1 writes: Lessig has raised a million dollars, which is nothing to sneeze at, but he's being given the cold shoulder by the Democrats when it comes to participating in the debates. I think he's got a good argument for being included — he's certainly as serious a candidate as some of the others, and I'm hearing a lot about his campaign.

Why are they keeping Lessig out? According to Lessig, it's for the same reason he wants in: "My view is that if we can get this message [of reform] into the debate it would change the dynamics of this Democratic primary entirely. This issue framed in this way totally blows up the Democratic primary."

Hillary and Bernie, he says, are promising the moon to voters, but can't deliver. Lessig told me, "If I can get on that stage and say the rocket can't get off the ground, and we have to change this dynamic first," the narrative shifts in a way that the leading candidates can't address.

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