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Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 2) 332

It's not just Apple doing this. Many car navigation systems prohibit certain functions (such as typing an address or a text message with the fingers) while the car is in motion.

This is not a change from the industry standard for Apple. It is for Google.

Comment Re:Ethan? (Score 1) 161

With sports teams you can compile enough information to make an educated guess about which teams have an advantage. No matter how much historical data you compile on an individual player, there is no way to predict within a reasonable margin how well they will perform from week to week.

How are individual players unpredictable but teams predictable? The team is comprised of 46 players. If you can't even predict the performance of one player, how can we say that you can predict the performance of a combination of 46 of them?

Comment Re:Ethan? (Score 5, Interesting) 161

How this is not considered gambling I will never understand. If you bet on teams to win (thereby playing, through the odds, with or against every other bettor), that's sports betting and therefore gambling. If you bet on individual players and play against every other bettor, it's somehow not gambling?

(It's also the same model as the online poker sites which were banned...)

Either it all should be legal or all illegal. I'm not taking a position on that, but if I worked at one of these companies, I wouldn't be getting too comfortable in my current environs.

Comment Re:Continuum - Finally (Score 5, Insightful) 85

This is actually a nice innovation. I expect someone to come along and tell me there's an Android equivalent, since this is /. - but I have long wished my phone could function like a laptop - plug into a dock at work, into my home entertainment center at home... to be everything everywhere.

A real innovation to me would not be more functions in the device itself - we already have more than you can count - but rather *eliminating devices*.

Not just devices on my person like my watch or my keys or credit card, devices in my life - in my home, car, office, etc.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 89

Well, the rate is officially $3.75 per week (more if you want to be able to access it on all devices). But the NYT gives 50% off discounts for "educators and students", and any subscription given as a gift comes at 30% off. There's also a special corporate rate, and it's possible to subscribe to the Opinion section only. So, I'm guessing they count all these subscriptions at any level toward the total number.

When you compare the $3.75 per week to the $12+ a week (current prices) that people used to pay for home delivery, one wonders how the Times is making any money these days... (?)

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