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Comment: Re:Impulse power! (Score 3, Insightful) 763

by trillex (#26927569) Attached to: Do Video Games Cost Too Much?
I have a grudge against people who think they can be refunded after having played/watched through an entire game/movie. It's a bit spoiled - "I leave a deposit here and you will hear from me if I do not like it". What's to stop one from just saying it was shit anyway and get a free experience out of it? Games cost a bit too much, that is true - but you've probably bought junk food, snacks or something for more than what a regular PC game costs. Just accept that you take a bit of a chance with a game and call it an experience and shelf it.

Comment: Because it seems like a scam (Score 1) 1085

by trillex (#24547517) Attached to: Game Developer Asks To Hear From Pirates
I've never played any of his games, but looking at his website made me feel uneasy. The way it was structured, screenshots here and there, texts, some quote about how great the game is from a "trusted" magazine or source. It feels like it's TV Shop or some program that promises the next Garden of Eden and you simply can't live without it. It makes it feel like it's a scam just waiting to happen. I believe most of us have seen these kind of websites when searching for a specific kind of software.

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