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Comment: "otherwise it would be forbidden "? (Score 2) 122

by jcr (#47781703) Attached to: The Executive Order That Led To Mass Spying, As Told By NSA Alumni

Bullshit. It's ILLEGAL, period. Executive orders don't trump acts of congress, and acts of congress don't override the constitution. Every NSA minion involved in collecting this data without a warrant issued by a judge naming a specific person and stating what they're looking for and why, is a CRIMINAL.


Comment: Re:anacdotal evidence (Score 1) 594

by Charliemopps (#47781571) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

I've never had a positive encounter with a police officer.

Most of mine have been positive. Not a single one has been objectionable. Then again, I'm polite and show the cops respect.

And why should you have to? And really truly, think about that question long and hard. Are the disrespectful and rude any less citizens of this country? Do they have fewer rights that you? Should we beat rude people until they are less rude? Put them in prison? Take their property? Shoot them in the face? Because that's what we've been doing, and how well is it working for us?

Comment: Re:Different era (Score 1) 122

by Charliemopps (#47781493) Attached to: The Executive Order That Led To Mass Spying, As Told By NSA Alumni

Yes, Yes he is.

Union breaker
Deficit balloons
Trickle Down
Ollie North
Nancy making decisions when he gets Alzheimer's

You fucking got me started

Obama was a constitutional law professor for fucks sake.
Regan was an actor.

So who exactly should you be more angry with again?

Comment: Re:More useless statistics... (Score 1) 134

by s.petry (#47781119) Attached to: Canada Tops List of Most Science-Literate Countries

What is more hilarious is your ignorance regarding education required for a job(feigned or otherwise). If you have a mechanical engineering degree, you are not going to go out and be a plumber (at least legally in most places). Plumbing requires trade school and certification, not a mechanical engineering degree. As with college, that requires money and time to achieve.

After you get your apprentice certification, you will work on your Journeyman certification, then you will be working toward master certification. None of this will be applied to a PHD.

The hype about STEM is mostly just hype. Society can not function if everyone is a brain surgeon, ever. You need plumbers, welders, mechanics, farmers, textile industry, etc.. etc... and the education for those types of jobs is very different from that of a nuclear physicist.

Comment: Re: Send in the drones! (Score 1) 692

by Teancum (#47780849) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

Neville Chamberlain was in a tough position as the United Kingdom had pretty much disposed of their military in the aftermath of World War I. Their navy was certainly world-class, but the army and anything which could be used to stop Germany was basically non-existent. Ditto for the U.S. Army (which even had serious legislation going before Congress to completely disband the U.S. Army altogether and rely strictly on the state militias for national defense). The rest of the world was disarming at the time Germany was moving into the Rhineland and elsewhere.

Military intelligence was also miserable at the time, where Germany purposely inflated the numbers of their soldiers by marching the same units across prominent bridges (easily seen by observers)... only to ship them by train back to Germany to have them march again over the same bridge several times. Basically the UK & France thought Germany had many more soldiers involved in those early occupations than really was the case and something that might have been stopped simply by calling Germany's bluff.

I don't know if it is too late to do that with Putin's Russia or not... which I suppose is the question some are asking right now.

Comment: Re: It's OK to attack mythology and superstition.. (Score 1) 171

You forget that aliens are often branded as "science" (minus the fiction of course). Watch a few Discovery and National Graphic TV shows, and remember that those are supposed to be our "educational programming" networks.

Prefixing an argument with "Scientists believe that" is an easy way to dupe people that want to believe they are more intelligent than those other people. That particular appeal to authority is used quite often with good effect.

Comment: Re:It's OK to attack mythology and superstition... (Score 1) 171

The ignorant just keep re-inventing things, convincing themselves that it really works (this time).

You are attacking the wrong target. The intelligent people repackage these and create new rhetoric to convince the ignorant that they work. Normally they can become pretty wealthy before they are told to stop, which only happens after enough of the ignorant petition grievances.

Comment: Re:More useless statistics... (Score 1) 134

by s.petry (#47780657) Attached to: Canada Tops List of Most Science-Literate Countries

I don't judge Canada poorly by people from Windsor, those were the people I referred to as mostly like Americans. IMHO the worst part of Canada is in French Quebec, and not because of guns or violence but because the people there hate anyone that's not a French speaker from Quebec (and have no problem spitting on people and telling them to get the fuck out of Quebec).

My family is mostly blue collar workers from Detroit, and most people in Windsor are similar blue collar types.

Comment: More useless statistics... (Score 1) 134

by s.petry (#47780327) Attached to: Canada Tops List of Most Science-Literate Countries

No offense intended to any Canadians, I spent a good amount of time in Windsor when I lived in Michigan and long time family friends are from Windsor. Better beer than the US, and not much different than folks in the US (minus the "aboot time" and "eh", but we have people in the US with their own quirks).

The study is by the Council of Canadian Academies. An immediate question of bias should pop into your head with that little fact. There was exactly one person on the council not from Canada, who happened to be from London.

Where did Canada really rank #1 (p19)? 93% said they were interested in scientific discoveries and technological developments. Big whoop to that, I know lots of people believe "The Big Bang Theory" is where they should learn science. Interest levels help for sure, but if there is no market for scientists then they will have Big Bang for entertainment and learn jobs that are actually available. This brings us to their other number one.

#1 with tertiary education. Considering that they rank 22nd with the percentage of population working in science and technology, most of that tertiary education is _NOT_ in science or technology.

There are some very questionable measures overall, but we can skip those for now. I think the most telling is that the numbers they are comparing are to other countries from 2005 answers to similar questions. Discussing GMO today compared to 9 years ago is going to provide drastically different results in all countries (one example of a bad statistic). If you are doing a study and claiming you are now smarter than someone, at least test them at their current level too.

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