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Comment: Backwards? (Score 1) 283

by trialcode (#33869812) Attached to: Grad Student Looking To Contribute To Open Source
This is the second example I've run into today of someone running around with a programming language looking for problems to solve.
How are you supposed to be able to contribute anything of value if you don't even use the tool yourself? You'll end up gold plating your way to being banned from the mailing lists in no time at all.
Write something you need, something you care about.

Comment: Re:Out of the ashes and into C++ (Score 1) 546

by trialcode (#32428164) Attached to: GCC Moving To Use C++ Instead of C
Everyone is already doing namespaces in C, nothing new here but syntactic sugar.

I typically use three types of data structures in my C code, a vector type that stores pointers, a hash type that maps pointers to pointers (remember that a string is a simple pointer in C), and a set type that stores pointers. All this without any ugly macro hacks. Not as 'safe' as the generic variants but safe enough and a lot easier on the eyes.

They're nice features, and two good examples of features that a lot of C-programmers wouldn't mind being added to the language. But they are not a good enough reason to choose C++ considering the complexity price.

Comment: Re:Choices, choices (Score 1) 546

by trialcode (#32418436) Attached to: GCC Moving To Use C++ Instead of C
Oh, come on! How old are you? 18 tops? Calling everyone who disagrees with you undereducated whiners is going to take you nowhere in life.

C++ does a lot of stuff under the covers and if you don't understand exactly what it's doing it's going to come back and bite you badly. What I (and a lot of other people) am arguing is that it's a bad trade-off, that it's easier to do the chores yourself than to make sure C++ only does exactly what you want it to.

And finally we find something we agree on.
Only that's what a lot of people, including the GCC folks, are pretending. That it's nothing but C with extra sugar on top.

Comment: Re:Out of the ashes and into C++ (Score 1) 546

by trialcode (#32418192) Attached to: GCC Moving To Use C++ Instead of C
But C++ isn't a higher level language, they're not gaining anything but hidden complexity.
The low level knowledge you have to possess to use the high level features correctly make them practically useless and you often end up spending more time coaxing the language to do the right thing than you would have spent writing the code yourself.

I can assure you that whatever it is that's holding the project back it has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of language features.
Everything that should be done in C++ can be done easier and simpler in C by reasonably competent programmers, the rest of C++ is pure madness and it will slowly seep into the project regardless of coding standards.

Comment: Re:Finally! (Score 2, Insightful) 546

by trialcode (#32417742) Attached to: GCC Moving To Use C++ Instead of C
Well fuck you too!

I'm 33, been writing code daily since I was eight, I started doing C++ around 18, really bought into it, and finally gave up and moved on around 28. I've been there and done that. I've seen projects grind to a halt while people are busy painting their multi-paradigm bike sheds.

There is no anti-C++ dogma here, only sharing of hard won experience.

Comment: Re:Finally! (Score 1) 546

by trialcode (#32416920) Attached to: GCC Moving To Use C++ Instead of C
The C++ I've learned and am trying to forget does a hell of a lot more than standardize the OOP boilerplate, give C++ a finger and it'll eat you and your family.
They will spend all of their time arguing about const &this and virtual destructor that instead of solving real problems until nobody really cares anymore.
The life so short, the language fucking impossible to learn.

If they feel they've got to improve their architecture, fine, do that. There's nothing magical in C++ that will make their code better, only more complex.

And about LLVM and the bad old days, that's not really what's happening.
What *is* happening is that the most commercial and proprietary company I know of is using it's resources to develop open source compiler technology.

Comment: Out of the ashes and into C++ (Score 4, Funny) 546

by trialcode (#32416052) Attached to: GCC Moving To Use C++ Instead of C
Great idea! This will surely help steal back users from LLVM/clang. The reason people are jumping ship is because they want a compiler written in C++, it has nothing to do with performance, licenses and/or features. Just thinking about those crunchy templates, page up and page down, makes my mouth water. I can't even begin to comprehend how they ever got anything done without templates.

Comment: That's it, I'm sending my iPhone 3G back (Score 1) 909

by trialcode (#31931098) Attached to: Steve Jobs Recommends Android For Fans of Porn
Anybody care to provide the complete address for Apple HQ? I plan to send back my fully functional iPhone 3G in it's box with this note: To Mr. Steve Jobs. Enough is enough, fuck you and your moral responsibilities! I've bought my last Apple product. Sincerely, ... English is not my native language so if I did something wrong grammatically I'd appreciate any help, I want this to be flawless.

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