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Comment: Re:Gay Sex! Like Patent Trolls! (Score 1) 114

by trewornan (#48366467) Attached to: Groupon Backs Down On Gnome

Whilst I agree with you in general - about intellectual property and blowjobs if not the rest (fyi, no need to be gay to appreciate blowjobs).

The problem isn't so much that Groupon want to use the same name, but more that because of the ridiculous legal situation. If you don't "defend" your trademark you lose it and eventually you'll be in the situation of having Groupon stop you using "Gnome" because now it's their trademark.

Comment: Re:misogynists on the intarwebz? WHAT U SAY? (Score 4, Insightful) 834

by trewornan (#48358423) Attached to: How To End Online Harassment

There is effectively no censorship on the internet now so whatever you say can result in criticism and attacks of any kind whoever you are. Obviously trolls will pick on the form of attack that generates the most outrage, that's what trolls do. If you can't take a mature attitude to it then don't get involved. Trying to censor the internet is:

a) impossible
b) damaging to everybody's interests

Grow up, get a life, stop whining and nagging.

Comment: Re:Typical muslims (Score 1) 389

I dont always agree with Resa Aslan but he's right about this so ust for the sake of correctness:

FGM is not a particularly Muslim phenomenon. It's pretty much limited to those Muslims that inhabit north-eastern and central sub-Saharan Africa. It is almost unknown in most other Muslim majority countries (except for immigrants from the aforementioned regions).

It's also very common among Christian and other religious groups in the same area, so FGM really seems to be linked to the culture in just that geographical region rather than to any religious grouping.

Comment: Re:More importantly (Score 1) 1293

by trewornan (#44903743) Attached to: Why Are Some Hell-Bent On Teaching Intelligent Design?

Jews and Christians don't claim the bible was actually "dictated" by god but they do claim it was "divinely inspired" which can mean all sorts of things but often something very close to dictation.

And although big chunks of the New Testament were almost certainly written in greek other big chunks were almost certainly written in aramaic. The reason this is so virulently denied in some quarters is that the oldest texts we have are greek and therefore translations not perfect copies of the originals. A big problem for some believers although others will simply claim the translators were also "divinely inspired".

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