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Comment Re:Why do this in the first place? (Score 1) 90

I've got a ZTE - bought it as a back up in case I break my main phone - I used it for a couple of months to get used to it / check it worked for me.

Seems fine for the basics, sat nav was a bit flaky but I don't use my phone for that much. Otherwise perfectly fine for voice, sms, and a bit of browsing.

Comment Re:We are not amused (Score 1) 253

The Barnett formula has NOTHING to do with oil revenue.

Always makes me laugh how Scots believe if they got all the oil revenue they'd be rich - despite the economic facts.

Fuck off and try it then!

If they really believed it the greedy gits would have voted themselves out of the UK no doubt - truth is they know better.

I had hoped that once they'd had their referendum they'd shut up their whining - fat chance.

Comment Re:Yeah, disappointing (Score 1) 776

My point is that the anecdotal example of a guy who had to fight for custody of his kids is pretty well trumped by the statistical example of 1500 women killed by their husbands/boyfriends each year.

What are you talking about? Trumped? What is the connection - how does women getting killed by their husbands relate to child custody. Are these not unrelated issues?

Comment Publicity stunt? (Score 1) 341

So the author submits a book which he doesn't believe is legally required to be submitted. Then when changes are suggested he cries "censorship" and ignores the changes, with apparently no legal ramifications whatsoever. That doesn't sound much like censorship to me. The case involving the Progressive was indeed censorship (and prior restraint at that), but this seems more like an attempt to garner some publicity and "authenticity" for the book. But then again maybe I'm too old and cynical about these things.

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