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Comment: Not sure it's worth it (Score 1) 50

by trev.norris (#48607639) Attached to: Microsoft To Open Source Cloud Framework Behind Halo 4 Services
I played Halo 4 for over 400 hours, and I'm currently playing MCC exclusively. While I love the game, I can also say that the multiplayer in Halo 4 and definitely now in MCC are definitely lacking. So I'm not sure Microsoft is doing the world a favor by releasing this. What I can hope is that users will be able to help Microsoft make Halo online gaming experience better.

Comment: Re:Also uinput, /dev/input/mice, use the damn API (Score 1) 143

by trev.norris (#47106981) Attached to: Become a Linux Kernel Hacker and Write Your Own Module

That trick is pretty slick.

As one of what I feel to be a growing breed of Linux users that started off in Ubuntu, and has very very slowly been learning how Linux works internally, all of this is still a bit of black magic. Is there a "From Ubuntu to Linux Hacker" guide out there that briefly and simply explains how the Linux kernel works? All the resources I've found get too deep too quickly.

Comment: Re:Capitalism. (Score 1) 398

by trev.norris (#45332035) Attached to: Snowden Publishes "A Manifesto For the Truth"

This is something I learned in my first year of Economics. There are 5 failures of a free market. One of those being monopolies. Unfortunately the US government seems to enjoy upholding the monopoly because of kickbacks they're given. And it was those same politicians that voted to allow themselves to receive such kickbacks.

One recent excellent case of where the prevention of a monopoly lead to better market diversity and services was AT&T/T-Mobile. I've been really enjoying the results of that decision by paying very little month-to-month.

Capitalism is a free market with minimal but key government intervention. No government intervention is anarchy. Government controlling the corporations is socialism. Corporations controlling the government is... um. Really messed up? Is there even a word that specifies that? But it seems the worst case is where the US is heading. Corporation and government collusion.

Comment: Re:brace yourself (Score 1) 453

Heh, thanks for the laugh. I've had plenty of days dealing with managers who put on deadlines without understanding the tech, haven't provided a specification, don't have a planned architecture and ask impatiently "Well, why can't you just do X?" Who also don't understand that more programmers doesn't mean it'll be done faster, and uses us as scapegoats when things don't work but takes all the credit when they do.

At a software company, the programmers are special. Because they're the ones turning the product that gives everyone else a job. I'd say the same thing about any other position at any other business where they're the reason the business exists. You see, we aren't just cogs in a wheel, but MBA driven management has proven to me time and again that we're seen that way. Come back after you've solved a (software level) complex problem or coded a unique solution and known that if you hadn't been there it wouldn't have happened.

Comment: More web-based development (Score 1) 630

by trev.norris (#43486331) Attached to: Most Projects On GitHub Aren't Open Source Licensed
I believe another reason is because JavaScript development has increased exponentially over the years. For persons like myself, never saw the need to use GPL since you have to share your code anyways in order to use it (code is always delivered to the browser). Also when other major libraries (e.g. jQuery) have chosen MIT, then it's not helpful to choose something more restrictive.

Comment: Re:Part of me says, "Good!" (Score 1) 457

by trev.norris (#42605613) Attached to: Employee Outsourced Programming Job To China, Spent Days Websurfing
I see this in the same light as sub leasing your apartment. The site is down right now, but I can imagine he didn't use this contractor for all his work. Maybe he had a task that would better be accomplished by someone else. And calling this a "scam" is over the top. If anything he should be promoted to manager.

Comment: Re:Readability (Score 1) 453

by trev.norris (#42502487) Attached to: Why JavaScript Is the New Perl

Object-oriented programming was retrofitted into Javascript, and it shows. Typical bad Javascript has global variables that should be local, shared data that should be in closures, no proper objects, and no comments.

Thank you. Every time a developer wants to turn a js project OO I want to gouge their eyes out. Once I created a cross-dependency map of all the different "classes" that were in a library I had to debug. There were a least half a dozen complex circular dependency chains. If people think JavaScript lends itself to ugly code, they haven't seen developers who try to turn it into Java.

Yes, we will be going to OSI, Mars, and Pluto, but not necessarily in that order. -- Jeffrey Honig