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+ - Copyrights of Disgruntled Volunteer

Submitted by tres
tres (151637) writes "I recently started volunteering as "webmaster" for a non-tech group after the old volunteer webmaster quit. Upon leaving, the old webmaster decided to disable some parts of the site & remove others. I was able to restore all functionality from an old copy of the site he forgot about. His motives were unclear until today. Someone received a letter from him stating that copyrighted material was being used and he demanded $2000 for use of the material. I think we're on pretty firm ground; it's not difficult to find a bunch of GPL licensed headers still in a bunch of his 'copyrighted' material. The part I'm not too clear about is whether he has any basis for declaring copyright at all since he was essentially doing work for the group as "webmaster." Here's the basis for his claim:

I am the proprietor of all copyright in a custom software work used for collecting membership dues (The "Work"). I have reserved all rights in the Work

So does a volunteer who does work for an organization retain copyright of works created for that organization?"

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