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+ - How Does One Compel an Uncooperative Website to Delete One's Account? 2

Submitted by trentfoley
trentfoley (226635) writes "I've been trying to clean up my digital life (insert joke about having a life) and have run in to a situation I fear is too common. Many social websites, in particular, do not allow a user to delete the account they created. In the case of, their privacy policy makes it clear that the user owns all of their data. If this is true, I should have the right to destroy that data. These lines of thought brought to mind the recent privacy defeat in Europe. Does the defeat of the EU's Right-to-be-Forgotten legislation bring a practical end to this debate?"

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How far away are we from the scenario where the Chinese Communist Party drums up rhetoric that the USA is an external existential threat to China and sells the idea to its rising middle class that the USA must and can be defeated by being outspent and by having its economy shattered - like the USA did to Russia with the Cold War?

And, yes, I probably look as crazy as I sound.

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You can't declare chapter 11 bankruptcy unless you are already rich and do not need too to feed your fucking family.

Personal bankruptcy in the US is chapters 7 and 13. You have to be very poor to file chapter 7, which eliminates debt. Otherwise, you are force in to chapter 13, which is a payback plan. Either way, bankruptcy is certainly not restricted to the wealthy. More precisely, the wealthy are restricted (for obvious reasons) from personal bankruptcy, not the other way around. The chapter 11 that you mentioned is for businesses and corporations only.

The problem right now is that people are literally too broke to file bankruptcy - they can't afford the court costs.

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I had lots of fun with that in the early 90's. The first time I used the tool, I created a virus with no payload - just replicating and... accidentally unleashed it on my employers network. Fortunately, being the only admin, I cleaned it up before anyone noticed - not that they would anyway. Still, thanks for the memory. And, my kids would never find such a thing on my computers! They have yet to break my encryption.

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by trentfoley (#41888915) Attached to: Nate Silver's Numbers Indicate Probable Obama Win, World Agrees

I'll start this off by pointing out that I never get mod points when I need them.

I'd like some help from you so that the citizens of the United States of America can have their government back from the corporations. Stop buying products and services from, and stop working for American OR international corporations. Short of armed revolution, denying the corporations their tribute and slaves is the only way to break their grip.

You are on the right track with your assertion, but you are being naive thinking that (1) only Americans are controlled by corporations, and (2) the problem is with only American corporations. Every citizen in the world that buys a coca-cola when they are thirsty has been controlled by these multi-national corporations. Why else would you believe that sugar water quenches thirst?

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