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Comment Lost (Score 2) 45

Xerox is probably a lost cause. Their failure to license solid ink technology, and instead try to hoard it for themselves, has probably cost them tens if not hundred of millions in revenue. They are an old fuddy-duddy company, that has long lost their way and have been living on borrowed time granted them by their towering forebearers ever since. I'll be surprised if they last another decade.

Comment Err... NO! (Score 1) 151

There shouldn't even be license plates on cars. Cars can be manufactured with permanent ID numbers right out of the factory. Getting a title reissue would tie a person to the ID. The whole state plates system is a big revenue scam. And now they want to do it to drones? This keeps up much more and I guarantee they will soon be requiring us to register every computer b/c "cyber-security".

Comment How to win a nuclear war (Score 1) 230

I also worry that they are using super computers (and I *know* they have the fastest computers in the world) to calculate how to win a limited nuclear war. Now, some will say that's a good thing. And maybe it has to be done. But one also has to worry that the computer will came back with a result like "99.5% Success!" And then certain powers might be all to inclined to go for it.

Comment Two birds with a single coin! (Score 1) 702

The Federal Reserve Bank should just abruptly announce that pennies are worth a dollar. In one stroke the penny (as we know it) would be no more, and America would have a dollar coin people would actually use. (Not to mention a little financial relief for the lower class penny pinchers.)

Comment All part of the plan (Score 1, Troll) 97

From the looks of the comments, none of you have any clue whats really going on. This is all simply part of the run-up to the invasion of Iran. Timeline for the destruction of all chemical weapons in Syria is mid 2014, the same time the next phase our new missile defence system goes online in Israel (David's Sling). And by then Iran will be realling from a near 100% emargo on their oil exports --a bill currently making its way through Congress. Unless something very drastic changes, it looks like we will see war with Iran as early as 2014. Th only thing I can see delaying it is if poltically the powers that be would rather put the war under a new Republican president in 2017.

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