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User Journal

Journal: Lollipop Weekend

Journal by trainlolly

My other half and I will be spending a happy and quiet weekend together this weekend.

This makes me happy. Lots of lollipops to be sure. I can't wait. We are new to this, a little bit nervous. But more excitement than anything. I love my other half. I really do. I smile a lot now.

I wonder what the pen cap is worth.

User Journal

Journal: Superpower Lollipops 3

Journal by trainlolly

A red lolly day. Spending too much time on books, not enough time on jigsaw puzzles and art.

Red lolly days are either really good or really bad or just really when I need to feel more of that trainlolly superpower strength. Strawberry, watermellon, or cherry. The other half of trainlolly loves them all, and laughs when I stick out my tongue all red or purple or green. We laugh like kids.

So here I am, with the weather for company, having a red lolly day and no one to share it with.

User Journal

Journal: A blue lolly day 1

Journal by trainlolly

Today is a blue Trainlolly day, Rasberry at best.

The rain washes down through the gutters of our house so I lie on the sofa to hear it. I listen to the rain and miss my other half.

Definitely a blue lolly day. Sweet, but blue.

"Text processing has made it possible to right-justify any idea, even one which cannot be justified on any other grounds." -- J. Finnegan, USC.