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Comment: easier way (Score 1) 209

by tr0p (#44619545) Attached to: Predictors of Suicidal Behavior Found In Blood
Soon they will dispense with these formalities and simply check for the presence of pharmaceuticals in your blood (these are usually present in the conditions mentioned in the article so its just a matter of time until an academic study shows it). Since the doctors and hospitals themselves are usually responsible for creating this condition, they'll be able to justify forcibly holding anybody against their will. Boycott big pharma.

+ - Java program uses neural networks to monitor game->

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tr0p writes: "Java developers have used the open source Neuroph neural network framework to monitor video game players while they play and provide helpful situational awareness, such as audio queues when a power-up is ready, and on-the-fly macros for combo attacks. The developers have published an article describing many of the technical details of their implementation:

"There are two different types of neural networks used by DotA AutoScript. The first type is a simple binary image classifier. It uses Neuroph's "Multi-Layer Perceptron" class to model a neural network with an input neurons layer, one hidden neurons layer, and an output neurons layer. Exposing an image to the input layer neurons causes the output layer neurons to produce the probability of a match for each of the images it has been trained to identify; one trained image per output neuron..."


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