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Comment: Poor Management (Score 2) 21

by tquasar (#49282011) Attached to: Sloppy Biosafety Procedures Found At Federal Disease Center
Training is needed for every employee, from the managers to the cleaning people. People need to how to don and doff PPE's and how to properly dispose of contaminated clothing. I worked in a facility with toxic chemicals and always brought clean clothes and took a shower before I left work.

Comment: Re:US: Welcome to the present (Score 1) 449

by tquasar (#49084317) Attached to: Credit Card Fraud Could Peak In 2015 As the US Moves To EMV
Faraday Wallet I have one, it's woven from stainless steel I worked for a local city government and knew the man who worked on all the police and other radios. His workplace was a 20X20X20 shielded, grounded cage. He was smart and enjoyed his work. It's spelled yeah.

Comment: A Navy Town (Score 1) 164

by tquasar (#49061701) Attached to: Researcher Developing Tattoo Removal Cream
I live near San Diego and a friend Rick was from New York City. His idea of going out was to visit the downtown area to have a drink and see the city sights. We stopped in a tattoo place and watched some young navy men getting tats. It was interesting to watch the process but I think people who are heavily tatted have some serious mental problems.

Comment: Fare Thee Well (Score 1) 314

by tquasar (#48824037) Attached to: Radio Shack Reported To Be Ready for Bankruptcy Filing
I shopped there, the staff were helpful and knew about tech info before it was called tech. I bought a build it yourself metal detector there and found a four barrel Sharps derringer buried in a local park. Web shopping has killed many stores, I support local business owners.

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