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Journal tqft's Journal: Oops Prisoner X your mistake 4

Appears our secret service can't keep a secret
"Suspected Australian-Israeli spy Ben Zygier is believed to have been arrested by his employer on suspicions he had informed Australia's domestic intelligence agency of his work for Mossad, reports say.

The ABC says it understands Mr Zygier met Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) officers while visiting Australia, where he revealed details about several Mossad missions including a secret operation in Italy."

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Oops Prisoner X your mistake

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  • From what I've read it appears the poor guy somehow walked into a hangman's noose and triggered the trap door before the Israelis were able to begin his 100% fair and transparent trial process.
    • by tqft (619476)

      Trusting ASIO to keep a secret? That was the big flaw. It probably went straight to Washington with a detour to Tel Aviv

  • It's all a smokescreen.

    There's something they're hiding, by giving us these tid-bids.

    Ahhh. The double-agent. Like Australia wouldn't have known that? His father is head of AUS B'nai B'rith.

    • by tqft (619476)

      In a previous comment I asked some questions like why now? How did the ABC get onto the story in the first place?

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