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Only in Japan?

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  • All my toys from the early 50s, expensive collector items. All my baseball cards from then, I could pay cash for a new sportscar. All my *comic books* from then, and sci fi and fantasy for a new house. All chucked out/given away, "no room" "don't want to pay freight hauling it to the new house" etc. Heck, even my old themed lunchboxes are worth some decent loot today.

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Stargoat (658863)

      Meh. I grew up in the 80s. Everyone was saving stuff then, because we knew how expensive stuff from the 50s was. Do you know what I paid for a '89 set of Donruss Baseball Cards? 25 dollars. Do you know how much it is worth today? 25 f-ing dollars.

      • by zogger (617870)

        I could have saved confederate money and old stocks from the great depression blowout. They sold a bundled thick stack of either for ten cents at the five and dime back then.

        Coulda woulda shoulda

        Army surplus rifles and pistols were wicked cheap back then as well.

        I have no idea what is worth saving today, but I have hung on to my old first computer, a mac 512k, and then a few more very slightly newer like an LC and some others I forget now.

        • by Stargoat (658863)

          Heh. Anyone over 50 should be kicking themselves from the changeover to non-silver coins in '65. Or not buying gold when it was 13 dollars an ounce or whatever it was. You just can't know.

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