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+ - Poll Suggestion: Where do you live?

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tpwch writes "There have been some debating on slashdot recently regarding us-centric stories and polls, usage of imperial units, etc. How about we settle it once and for all with a poll to see if the visitors to slashdot really are mostly from the U.S. or if the us-readers are in minority with readers from all over the world?

I suggest this poll:

Where do you live?
* Africa
* Antarctica
* Asia
* Australia (and surrounding areas)
* Europe
* North America
* South America
* I'm on the ISS, you insensitive clod!"
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+ - What live cds do you carry around?

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TPC writes "I recently acquired a small cd case that fits 12 CDs. I figured that it would be useful to always carry around a few cds to use when helping others with computer issues, or in case something goes wrong with my own computer. But I'm having a hard time deciding what CDs to pick, there are probably many hidden gems out there. I'm sure I'm not the first person with this idea, so I ask you: What 12 live (and otherwise) CDs would you carry around?"

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