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Comment: Forget you're a geek- it doesn't matter. At all. (Score 1) 698

Tell her you love her. Tell her that there is a hope for her to see you again. Tell her that no matter what, nothing was her fault. Kids blame themselves for bad things because they don't understand how things work- so the only explanation in their mind is that it is *their* fault.

Whether you are religious or not, talking about death with her NOW is important. This can help:

If you don't go to that link, then adapt these practical points from it:

If a loved one has died, you can help your child overcome inordinate fears about death by making sure he understands the following:

She is not going to die. (this is geared toward very young ones who may fear death is contagious)
If something happens to you, she will not be abandoned; relatives will look after her.
Once dead, a person is no longer suffering.
The deceased person will not be forgotten. You might say, “You cannot see Grandma anymore, but you can keep memories of her in your heart.”
Remember, saying nothing to your child will not reduce his anxiety. On the contrary, it may only serve to give his imagination free rein.

Please put geekdom aside. She will always remember how awesome of a geek you were, but she'll especially appreciate that you were an amazing father *first* and that you loved her.

Comment: Canon Powershot + CHDK + RPi (Score 1) 263

CHDK loaded on a cheap used canon powershot camera, connected to a RPi via USB. CHDK script to take a picture hourly at your desired resolution, ptp it to the rpi, which you write a small cron job to sftp/rsync/ftp to the server with the correct filename. $200, heck, $100 if you shop around (Saw a Canon A530 on ebay for $15!) and some time doing the setup. Non-trivial time, mind you- but it'll do exactly what you want with a fantastic picture quality.

+ - Malwarebytes forums compromised->

Submitted by toygeek
toygeek writes: Just a few minutes ago, I received an email from Malwarebytes notifying me that I'd have to change my forum password next time I logged in. On November 10th their Invision Power Board based forum was compromised. Yes, it can happen to anyone! There are several lessons that can be learned, as outlined in my blog post below:
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