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Comment Crashes... (Score 0) 169

I suggest they fix crashes first (happens regularly to me on iOS, Android and OS X), and just then they start adding features. I can't help it, but before microsoft bought the Skype, I barely seen it crash in years. But now, a longer call hardly goes by without crashing either on my or the other end. As much as I hate sharing my camera and microphone with google, I slowly migrate to hangouts -- not because I like, but because it doesn't crash.

Submission Yutu, the China's Moon rover alive, after being declared dead->

An anonymous reader writes: The same radio ham operator who received signals from NASA's Mars Orbiter in 2005 has recently detected a signal from Yutu, China's Moon rover feared dead. Obviously, this means that rover is not dead as many people believed. Great score for amateur radio operators!
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