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Comment: Re:what the hell? (Score 1) 712

by toxic666 (#24820597) Attached to: Mayor Orders Mandatory Evacuation of New Orleans

And the engineering of the New Orleans area is part of its problem. There are various types of subsidence, ranging from ground loading of unconsolidated surficial sediments, lack of flooding and replenishment of surface sediments and ground water withdrawal.

Not only was it a bad choice of places to live, building it up has exacerbated its sinking.

How to Discover Impact Craters with Google Earth 158

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the for-fun-and-more-fun dept.
Maikel_NAI writes "Believe it or not, Emilio Gonzalez, a Spaniard amateur began his crater search at home after reading an article about the discovery of Kebira, the biggest one found in the Sahara. After a couple of minutes he located two craters. After checking the records, he realized these were completely new, and now two geologists confirm his findings. And there is more, these craters may be part of a chain studied by NASA geologist Adriana Ocampo, so if it's confirmed that these new ones are part of the same episode, it could mean the definitive evidence for her theory of an asteroid broken into pieces fallen in that area."

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