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Criminal Charges Filed Against AT&T iPad Attacker 122

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the someone-will-be-sad dept.
Batblue writes "The US Department of Justice will file criminal charges against the alleged attackers who copied personal information from the AT&T network of approximately 120,000 iPad users, the US Attorney's Office, District of New Jersey announced Monday. Daniel Spitler will be charged in US District Court in New Jersey with one count of conspiracy to access a computer without authorization and one count of fraud. Andrew Auernheimer will be charged with the same counts at the US Western District Court of Arkansas, which is in Fayetteville. Auernheimer made headlines last June when he discovered that AT&T's website was disclosing the e-mail addresses and the unique ICC-ID numbers of multiple iPad owners. Claiming that he wanted to help AT&T improve its security, he wrote a computer script to extract the data from AT&T and then went public with the information. AT&T said that nobody from Auernheimer's hacking group contacted them about the flaw."

Iron-Eating Bug Is Gobbling Up the Titanic 221

Posted by kdawson
from the give-'em-a-little-arsenic-and-look-what-happens dept.
gambit3 writes "A newly discovered microbe dubbed Halomonas titanicae is chewing its way through the wreck of the Titanic and leaving little behind except a fine dust, researchers report in the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. 'In 1995, I was predicting that Titanic had another 30 years,' said Henrietta Mann, a civil engineering adjunct professor at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 'It's deteriorating much faster than that now.'"

Apple's Game Center Shares Your Real Name 182

Posted by Soulskill
from the slow-erosion-of-anonymity dept.
dotarray writes "Apple's Game Center has just made itself a few enemies through a simple change to their Terms of Service. Now, whenever you send a friend invitation, your real name will be attached as well as your Apple ID." Apparently they didn't learn from the poor reaction to Blizzard's similar idea.

+ - India launches an indigenously built nuke sub

Submitted by tovarish
tovarish writes: India became the sixth country to build a nuclear submarine. My point of view is that even though there are millions of Indians dying hungry it is still OK to invest in high technology weapons since byproducts of this research can often prove very helpful in the future. Notable examples are nuclear energy, internet and email etc. The primary role of a nuclear submarine with nuclear strike capability is to have a retaliation strike capability (if land/air based options are destroyed in a first strike). What do other slashdotters think of nuclear submarines. Will this event further arms race in the world.
Technology (Apple)

+ - Unlocked iPhone to cost 999 Euros in Germany 1

Submitted by tovarish
tovarish writes: Reuters confirms that T-Mobile Germany will offer the iPhone unlocked for 999 Euros ($1,478). So this is what it really costs. This was the result of a Vodaphone injunction preventing the sale of unlocked iPhones in Germany through T-Mobile. Would the unlocked iPhone sell in the USA for about 1500 dollars (you can probably take about 200 out considering german taxes).

Comment: Common like cola (coca or pepsi) (Score 1) 535

by tovarish (#19098147) Attached to: Why Doesn't Microsoft Have A Cult Religion?
The only comparable thing i could think of as well spread in its sector like windows, office and exchange (in enterprise) is cola in the sector of drinks. Probably the same reason why drinks like single malt, champagne etc have a much better fan following than cola. Everyone consumes cola but no one i know swears by them.

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