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Comment: Re:Thank you! (Score 4, Funny) 125

by torsmo (#48291859) Attached to: OpenBSD 5.6 Released

OpenBSD's project leader is also more dictatorial than Linus

But unlike Linus, who can throw industrial-grade Finnish profanities at his minions, Theo's Afrikaans cuss-word-foo is weak. Something along the lines of "Jy was uit jou ma se gat gebore want haar poes was te besig" wouldn't go amiss, methinks.

Comment: Re:When is enough enough? (Score 2) 86

by torsmo (#48147149) Attached to: Millions of Voiceprints Quietly Being Harvested

It feels so hackneyed at this point to try to describe the dystopia we are headed toward (already in?)

I dunno, it seems to me that an advanced technology-enabled dystopia is not universal in its spread. Poor third-world countries do not seem to be headed that way. Corruption may have something to do with it, but I'm too tired at the moment to form a logical construct to validate that thought.

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