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Comment: Re:The mac (Score 1) 253

by torrentami (#32657980) Attached to: What iOS 4 Does (and Doesn't Do) For Business

The issue I have with this is that enterprise features are fairly well defined. It's not rocket science. In fact, many of these features already exist in their Mac OS applications (mail, ical, etc...) and just need to be implemented in the iPhone. Whereas, features that appeal to consumers are hardly defined and always in flux. It seems like Apple has a real advantage over RIM in this arena. So all they need to do is implement common enterprise features. I'd love to be able to flag my messages and have multiple signatures based on which account I'm using in my iPhone.


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Submitted by torrentami
torrentami writes: Flyclear sent out emails to its subscribers today informing them that as of 11 p.m. PST they will cease operations. Flyclear was a pioneer in speeding customers through security at airports and had planned on expanding to large events. The service, where it was available, offered a first class security experience for travelers willing to fork over $200 a year and their biometrics. Customers are now left holding their Flyclear cards with encrypted biometrics. The question now becomes, what happens to all that information? This is not the first time Flyclear has been in the news. A laptop containing customer records was reportedly missing from the San Francisco International airport recently but then turned up shortly thereafter. Another casualty of the recession's downturn in business travel.
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Comment: Re:I want the Upstream (Score 1) 299

by torrentami (#26662437) Attached to: Charter Launches 60 Mbps Service
This is an excellent point, however, the problem with videoconferencing over the internet is not so much bandwidth but with the fundamentally broken application of video coding methods. Current videoconference codecs such as H.264/AVC, On2, etc... were not designed to work over packet switched networks. The reason your Skype video gets pixelized and breaks is not because you don't have enough bandwidth, it's because the packet loss that occurs over the internet causes the linear dependency chain of the codec to drop frames which the subsequent frames cannot recover from. You can EASILY do HD (720p) videoconferencing at well under 5Mbps on a dedicated network. There's only one company that I'm aware of that has begun to address this problem with a fundamentally different coding principle by using the H.264/SVC standard as opposed to AVC. We'll see where this goes.

Comment: Re:How does this system improve security, anyway? (Score 1) 379

by torrentami (#24487765) Attached to: "Clear" Air-Travel Pass Data Stolen From SFO
This is painfully depressing for me. I am a member of Fly Clear. There's no question that this whole system is just a way for people to pay $100 to skip the security line. As I describe it to people, it's "First Class" for the security line. The background checks and vetting and biometrics are all just a smokescreen for being able to pay to skip the line. It in no way offers any additional security and we all just end up going through the same x-ray metal detectors and x-ray machines. On the other hand, as someone who gets on a plane every week, it's completely worth it. Until now... Earlier in the year, my personal info was stolen from an unencrypted, unsecure laptop from our HR outsourcing company, Administaff. I got a nice letter from them apologizing for it. Now I'm two for two.

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