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Comment Re:Learn who is patent troll and who is not (Score 1, Insightful) 197

They aren't just an "IP holding company" like your normal patent troll. But they have clearly gone beyond the days of holding patents merely for defense.

I'd just like to point out its not much of a defense if you don't enforce your ownership at some level. If people feel that you won't defend what's your's they'll simply use it especially if they question your right to own an item in the first place. Case in point people who cut across railroad tracks even though there are signs that say no trespassing, people who park in no parking zones, or in the tech side people who take open source material from others and sell them on "App" stores to turn a buck without regards to the original authors. Though I don't agree with the current regime of software patents and think it seriously needs major reforms, I don't hold it against anybody who fires warning shot every now and then to remind people you're stepping on their turf. Don't blame legitimate companies who spent money to research/create products then want to protect them the best they can through patents: they're just protecting their assets, blame the legislators for allowing ridiculous assets (though a broken patent system) to exist in the first place.

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