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Comment Re:Go to IBM U! (Score 1) 173

No need! They're training poor people to be corporate minions. They can pay them about the same as those in Brazil except you don't have to fly someone all the way down there, build them a nice house, import nice cars, security, and food, to crack the whip over your slave^^^^^employees.

Comment Re:Diversity gap is irrelevant (Score 1) 173

Newsflash: Not everyone has the same everything. That's communism.

Discrimination is one thing...and it's wrong.

At the same time this amounts to reverse discrimination. Any random minority* is automatically given assistance in any of a number of ways which give them advantages not available to many others. Of course, it's only if you fit in the right group that's crying about how they're wronged and oppressed. I'd love to see how well a white male scholarship fund does.

*Minority has a star since what's considered minorities these days outnumber the "majority". Protip: the world is pretty racially diverse in first world countries.

Comment Re:Wrong. This isn't enough. (Score 1) 173

TBH, the link is more in the social norms of the group. The stereotype exists because, unfortunately, it's common.

Working poor? Yes, dual income + assistance barely puts food on the table.

Public assistance poor? They don't typically work. Have full access to medical programs, food, free education, etc. Heck, non-working parents on welfare apparently get an allowance for *daycare* as I understand it. In theory those parents have all the time in the world to spend raising their kids. They could learn right along with them if they're uneducated from all the take-home work and books if they were so motivated.

Sad but true.

Comment Re:ah (Score 1) 173

Nah. Tech giants are interested in programing...erm grooming...erm educating future drones.

It's somewhat tongue in cheek but also I have to look at both sides. Yes, these companies want STEM grads ... heck they need them. And I think the H1-B thing is finally catching up enough with companies that they see the twilight coming.

The answer? Take poor kids and give them enough education (and, of course, propaganda about how great these companies are) to meet the same requirements.

Then you remember they're poor. So if you take a welfare-income family and pay their 20yo kid engineer/programmer 40K our of school they'll think they're rich. It's H1-B, plan B.

Or maybe I'm just in a pessimistic mood today and corporate greed evaporated overnight.

Comment Re:Don't worry! (Score 2) 319

Or rather...let me buy my *content* in a convenient way.

Netflix streaming was great until they started removing lots of movies.

Now the providers are fracturing the content between multiple services ... so you do kind of get the ala carte except you have to buy from a half dozen places. Oh, and fight with wonky interfaces that differ between them all. And you generally can't watch offline. on.

Or just torrent whatever you want for free of course. I killed off cable TV ~5 years ago and still don't miss it.

Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 1) 446

AM would pay. They would (and probably are) offering that themselves.

Think about it. Someone says "I'm going to kill you and steal your wallet" ... typically someone hands over the wallet freely and asks what else they can do to not be killed.

Plus they way they're doing it will earn them a lot less negativity (especially among the "conservative" folks who "abhor" those kind of websites ... and secretly use them of course) than an actual blackmail threat.

Comment Re:Correct (Score 1) 267

Sure, in a perfect world.

We live in a very imperfect world though. Your suggestion makes multiple assumptions, requires a fair bit of additional infrastructure (can't RDP without jumphost, can't video conference internally without a host, backups need to be daily and quick to restore), and still leaves the door wide open to information *loss*. Oh, and it requires a monitoring system to watch all file access in realtime and compare to some arbitrary standard...either in passive mode which means you're screwed already or active mode which means you have to deal with blocking people from accessing internal files.

Or I can just block blog content, gmail, and so on. It sucks but it sucks more to leave the door wide open.

Comment Re:Correct (Score 1) 267

Thank you for the voice of sanity. I think a lot of the comments about filtering == bad come from small to medium size businesses.

Move to enterprise scale, financials, anything subject to regulatory oversight, etc. and it's a totally different ballgame. Lots of comments about trusting users to Do The Right Thing. Guess what though...many don't realize what's Wrong and Right here...or it's far too easy to justify Wrong. Ignoring my personal opinions, pirating music is still illegal is the US...but plenty of people wouldn't think twice about loading a torrent client because they "have to" play this particular tune for the boss that's so perfect for etc. etc. etc.

I can't tell you how many "work" computers I've dealt with in the past that are loaded with personal information, pictures, pirated software/music/movies, porn, etc.

NBD in a small office...but potentially a huge legal issue for Big Business LLC.

Comment Re:What are... (Score 2) 273

And a pint is a pound ... it's not that complicated and how often do you really care how much a liquid weighs in your personal life? If you do this professionally/scientifically then it's just working knowledge to know this stuff.

Don't get me wrong, the metric system definitely easier to use in a lot of cases...but not so much easier that it really matters for daily life.

Comment Re:Presumably the bug count... (Score 1) 204

I've been replaying FO3 on PS3 and ... I can't even begin to count the number of crashes ESPECIALLY in the DLC. I save more out of fear of a crash than dying.

This is the GOTY edition which *should* have all the latest updates or patches too. I wish the load screen stats included a 'Still playing after xxx crashes' stat

Comment Re:Presumably the bug count... (Score 1) 204

but ... but ... but ...

If it costs more and has a fancy sticker (or IS a fancy sticker) it MUST be better right?

Does anyone actually believe the fancy-pants buzz-word laden spec sheets for consoles actually mean those "dedicated" chips do something special? Especially when the majority of people are probably going to use cheapy headphones or the speakers built into their TV anyway.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 407

The placebo effect is strong with this one (well GP).

Most vitamins and herbal remedies (ahem, and homeopathy) have little direct benefit unless your body is actually deficient. I know tons of people who sear that a taking 10,000mcg of vitamin c will cure a cold or stop it from happening. I also know there's no legitimate research study showing that's the case...and plenty of evidence, if you go digging, to show where the vitamin supplement market was basically made up out of thin air.