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Comment: Re:it's funny what people will spend their money o (Score 1) 390

by torkus (#48198785) Attached to: Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected

Along the same lines...I love the states with helmet laws for motorcycles.

Please...PLEASE ride without a helmet if you prefer. This way when we scrape you off the road we won't have to bother with CPR or expensive rescue/medical bills. Disclosure: 10+ year biker here :)

Comment: Re:WMDs? Chemical weapons? Wait, what? (Score 1) 376

by torkus (#48162329) Attached to: Pentagon Reportedly Hushed Up Chemical Weapons Finds In Iraq

Your story doesn't add up.

Autoimmune disease from blood agent in the water that was detected multiple times yet wasn't there. Ok...I'll chalk that up to typical hush-hush tin hat stuff.

But hereditary? No way. Not unless they had biological agents far, FAR in advance of anything the US can even do today. The agent would have had to infect your testicles and /change your DNA/ to make the trait inheritable.

Thank you for serving and sorry you have an AI disease ... but if Iraq had bio weapon capability that advanced they'd have taken us apart. It makes no sense that they'd instead use it to make soldiers ill years and years after the fact.

Comment: Re:Bad news for ESPN (Score 1) 139

by torkus (#48162181) Attached to: HBO To Offer Online Streaming Without TV Subscription

Agreed. They're all just getting greedy (well, finding different ways to satiate the greed I suppose) and the consumer loses out once again.

Netflix was great...their streaming catalog had just about anything I wanted. Now it seems I miss more often than I hit when searching.

The rest? No thanks. 15 bucks a month for this, 10 for that. Look at the NFL prices - $55/month for live out-of-market games on sunday or $70/month for non-live streaming. Are you kidding me? I mean...obviously there are people stupid enough to pay that since it's cheaper than dish but still...

Lucky for me I don't care about live sports and anything I want to watch is usually available via torrent within a half hour of broadcast (or movies which are just there). Paid streaming WAS a great thing and now they're getting greedy, dividing the pie up so much it's taking away the usefulness and savings.

Comment: Re:Overblown Story About Nothing (Score 2) 110

by torkus (#48158487) Attached to: Journalists Route Around White House Press Office

Maybe in a perfect world.

In reality...if they want to be inside the information loop of the White House they have to play ball. Sure, they can give them the finger and be cut out...left to second hand information...and fall behind in all the late breaking stories. They might get something unique, new, or otherwise not commented on once in a while but they're giving up the firehose for the garden best.

Comment: Re:If I were president... (Score 0) 110

by torkus (#48158457) Attached to: Journalists Route Around White House Press Office

Doesn't everyone realize Obama
- bought the media or
- they bought him or
- a 3rd party bought them both?

That's about the only transparent thing to come out of the joke of his presidency as far as I can tell. I saw it on day 1 when suddenly the front cover of the paper wasn't counting the soldiers who died in iraq 3+ days a week. Sure, there's been negative coverage - they can't just *skip* something like Snowden. But instead of harping on things they're quick to jump to some other (pointless) 'for the children' type crap. OMG 42 people died last year from masturbating with broken glass we need to start a charity, care center, public education, and help the children know that it's unsafe. New at 11.

The fact that the reporters are finally 'doing something' right around the end of his term is comical and just continues to prove the point.

Comment: Re:No mention on capacity though (Score 1) 395

Also, based on math in a previous post of mine you'd realistically only need 1-2MW.

That's for a full electric 'gas station' that is able to serve as many customers as a regular gas station does in a typical day. Technically it's to sell the equivalent number of 'driving miles' since EVs are ~3x more efficient. :)

Comment: Re:No mention on capacity though (Score 1) 395

Let's try apples to apples though - what does an EV filling station need to provide to match a gas station?

Average 2013 new car MPG is 24.9 (use 25)
Tesla MPGe is 89 to 95 (use 90)
1 Gal Gas Equiv = 33.4kWh (wiki)

3000 gallons sold/day * 25MPG = 75000 miles per day
75000 miles / 90MPGe = 833 GGE
833 GGE * 33.4kwh = 27.8MWm over 24 hours is ~1.2MW

The tesla chargers are ~90% efficient and MVA-level grid transformers are mid to high 90% efficient. So even accounting for those losses that your total power grid demand is under 1.5MW for a full service station.

Comment: Re:That's not the reason you're being ignored. (Score 2) 405

by torkus (#48143293) Attached to: Flight Attendants Want Stricter Gadget Rules Reinstated

Which is great...and still forgotten in the emergency. Most people typically follow reflexes and known patterns instead. "it might be behind me" isn't in your mind as much as "OMFG F F F F F F F F OMG OMFG THE F PLANE JUST F CRASHED FFFFFFFF"

In reality it takes longer to open the emergency exit than to locate the closest one. Beyond that ... the people by the exits will open them and start exiting. Everyone else is going herd-mode like getting on busy subways in NYC. If there's stupidity happening at your door...often it's faster to go do another door even if it means getting on the end of the line.

Thankfully the people willing to pony up the extra $ for the comfortable exit row are sure to be the most adroit at working the emergency release mechanism and disembarking passengers. Right? Oh...uhm. So much for safety ... profits are more important.

Comment: Re:That's not the reason you're being ignored. (Score 1) 405

by torkus (#48142925) Attached to: Flight Attendants Want Stricter Gadget Rules Reinstated

Fine, how about a bunch of people with ear plugs? Those are reasonably common on flights, sold in the airport or on the plane, and intentionally drown out instruction.

In reality the 'danger' is something going flying during takeoff, landing ... or turbulence which isn't really addressed. Instead of trying to come up with silly rules that don't cover the issue airlines would do better to say something like 'folks please make sure your items are either stored or securely held in your hand so they don't fall during takeoff/landing'. I've seen plenty of water bottles, snacks, and other crap go flying during takeoff. People usually keep a better grip on their phones actually.

So this nonsense about electronics is just that: nonsense. Worry more about improperly latched overhead bins and random crap going flying.

Comment: Re:Straw Man (Score 1) 622

by torkus (#48133203) Attached to: The Correct Response To Photo Hack Victim-Blamers

I mean...if you want to take a bad analogy and refine it a bit...

It's buying a generic lock from home depot to protect your house after being on the news discussing your extensive jewelry collection on display in your bedroom.

Or buying a cheap generic safe to hold a your stash of gold bars.

Or being a famous person who's probably been offered a 6- (or 7-)figure sum to pose nude/make porn...then doing it yourself...letting it on the internet...and thinking it somehow would stay secret. Oh wait...

Comment: Re:Straw Man (Score 1) 622

by torkus (#48132935) Attached to: The Correct Response To Photo Hack Victim-Blamers

Applying that back to the original issue...

We definitely should have lots more celebrities take nude selfies, let hackers acquire and release them, then - since it's a sting and we're prepared - arrest the 13 year olds and throw them in jail for ... oh what? wait...they're underage? They can't go we can't...but then...well at least we saw xyz's tits. Let's try this again.

Also 'getting rid of thieves' should have a sarcasm tag attached ^.^

Comment: Re:Well duh. (Score 3, Informative) 293

by torkus (#48086485) Attached to: Former Infosys Recruiter Says He Was Told Not To Hire US Workers

Well attrition is NBD these days anyhow. Any time your stock price isn't high enough and the CEO wants to sell some shares to buy his next mansion or bonus time is coming and his $retarded bonus is directly related to share prices ... they just lay off a bunch of people to 'fix' the P/L and bump up the share price.

While above is trollish, it's also VERY much true. Layoffs almost invariably raise the stock price of a company so they've become yet another tool in doing business. Spending a career at one company is virtually unheard of in the US. It's a sad state of being.

Let's lay off 10% of our workforce and outsource another 15% (which basically means laying off 25% and giving some outsource company a fraction of what that 15% was paid). Hey look, we reduced our employee compensation costs by 20% ... now look at how much money the company is earning for investors! Go us! Woohoo! Stock market is on the riseeeeee...economy is doing welllllllll....things are all sunshineeeeeeee.....happy dance down the street


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