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+ - British government slashes scientific research

Submitted by asobala
asobala (563713) writes "The British Government has slashed the funding of scientific Research Councils by £68 million. The Research Councils most affected by this include the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, which has been hit by a £29 million reduction in funding, and the Medical Research Council, which is seeing a £10.7 million reduction in funding.

The response of the BBSRC biological research council announces that the council will have to cut 20 new grants and reduce expenditure on new equipment.

This could have major effects on the research output of the UK."

+ - US Patent office considers patenting Warp Drive

Submitted by darthcamaro
darthcamaro (735685) writes "Think that Warp drive is just a figment of Star Trek imagination? Think again. A patent application is now before the USPTO to patent Warp drive.
The Worsley-Twist warp drive does not depend upon traditional emissions of matter to create thrust. Rather, the drive creates a change in the curvature of the space-time continuum — thus allowing travel by warping space-time."

+ - Advanced XML parsing techniques using Perl

Submitted by IndioMan
IndioMan (411484) writes "This article shows you how to convert an XML document using Perl into a tree of objects in memory. Most Perl programmers find this approach more natural, and it is indeed more convenient. It then introduces you to SAX and event-based parsing, an entirely different style of programming, one that turns out to be very rich, using the SAX pipeline."

+ - Google Apps to become paid service

Submitted by FredDC
FredDC (1048502) writes "Business Week reports Google Apps is becoming a paid service soon for companies who wish to use it for their domain. Disney and Pixar are reportedly thinking about switching to Google Apps innstead of using Microsoft Office. Could this be the end of a monopoly? Or the start of a new one?"
Technology (Apple)

+ - Steve Jobs Speaks Out Against DRM

Submitted by Dak RIT
Dak RIT (556128) writes "This afternoon, Steve Jobs posted an article entitled "Thoughts on Music" on Jobs argues that DRM doesn't work effectively and believes that Digital Rights Management should not be required by music companies. 'Convincing them to license their music to Apple and others DRM-free will create a truly interoperable music marketplace. Apple will embrace this wholeheartedly.'"
The Courts

Journal: Big Win for Innocent RIAA Defendant

Journal by lpq

Good news for an "almost" victim of the RIAA: "she's won back her attorneys' fees. The decision today is one of the first in the country to award attorneys fees to a defendant in an RIAA case over music sharing on the Internet." Another, similar "writeup: Court Awards Wrongly Sued Woman Legal Fees From The RIAA; Calls Lawsuits Frivolous And Unreasonable


+ - Second chance for winner of space trip

Submitted by smooth wombat
smooth wombat (796938) writes "As a follow-up to this previous story, it appears Brian Emmett has been given a second chance at being flown into space.

He will now be employed as a consultant by Benson Space Co., a Poway-based, California upstart founded by rocket entrepreneur Jim Benson. In exchange for serving as a "test passenger" on the company's first scheduled flight for paying customers, sometime in 2008, Emmett will provide feedback during the testing phase of the project."

MS Office Zero-Day Under Attack 172

Posted by Zonk
from the you-know-they've-released-new-software-when dept.
paulBarbs writes "Microsoft is warning users to be on the lookout for suspicious Excel files that arrive unexpectedly — even if they come from a co-worker's e-mail address. In an advisory, Microsoft confirmed a new wave of limited "zero-day" attacks was underway, using a code execution flaw in its Microsoft Office desktop productivity suite. Although .xls files are currently being used to launch the spear phishing attacks, Microsoft said users of other Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, etc.) are potentially at risk."
Operating Systems

+ - Ubuntu Canada vs. Microsoft's Digital Ice House

Submitted by Dave
Dave (666) writes "This past week, Microsoft Canada had a house made of ice at Dundas Square, raffling off free copies of Windows Vista and Office 2007, and demonstrating the "all new features" of their flagship products. The folks at Ubuntu Toronto set up shop just outside of the ice house on Friday and Saturday, fully equipped with a 10-foot inflatable version of Tux, the Linux penguin, handing out freshly burned CDs and flyers. Despite initial discouragement and words from Toronto Police, they report that the campaign was a success. Check out the scoop here, and photos of the event are here."

+ - Information Technology Jobs in the Great Outdoors

Submitted by BobbyBinLaden
BobbyBinLaden (1059876) writes "After spending twenty years in the corporate realm and inside an office, it is time to answer the Call of the Wild. Web sites like for tech jobs and for non-profit jobs exist. Are there any web sites for jobs with companies like Greenpeace, The Nature Conservancy or Sierra Club all in one place, or an equivalent of for outdoor IT professionals? My hiking boots are ready."

+ - Install Windows Vista Upgrade, without upgrading?

Submitted by merdaccia
merdaccia (695940) writes "Monsters&Critics is reporting that a loophole in the Windows Vista Upgrade installation procedure lets a user install Vista without having Windows XP or Windows 2000. The upgrade versions cost about 35% less than the full versions, but installing the upgrade in this manner might violate your EULA. Still, talk about a genuine advantage..."

+ - Benchmark: VirtualBox vs. Qemu vs. VMware-player

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Recently InnoTek, a company from southern Germany, released their virtualization software "VirtualBox" under GPL. Due this piece of software is based on qemu I thought about performing a benchmark to compare those two open source vmware competitors. As some people requested, I added the VMware-Player to this article to make a direct comparison of those 2 opensource projects with this freeware tool. Full article here"

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