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Comment Anonymous isnt (Score 1, Insightful) 229

Anonymous isn't really what people think it is. Yes, anyone can claim to be them, but they do occasionally have high level people deny actions taken by others. The biggest trick to anonymous is they let all the little guys take the fall while the upper echelon sites back and watches the show.

They instigate the masses.

Comment No surprise to me (Score 1) 213

This isn't a surprise to me. I work for a profitable government organization. We bring in substantial tax dollars. But at the end of the day all my work has to be justified, much of it within the confines of a specific project. That means once specific goals are met I must move on to other things. Bugs which affect us must be fixed, but others languish because of other priorities.

Comment Overblown bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 269

Marco's comments, and other valid criticisms of Apple get taken way to seriously by the mainstream press and distort the intent and strength of the criticisms. Apple does many things right, they do some things wrong; in trying to correct behaviour you need to have it be correctible, not merely a bitch session of unaddressable issues without resolution.

If you criticize your child for making a poor decision you don't subsequently publish that criticism in national newspapers...

Comment Re:Once Upon a Time.... (Score 2) 465

Greenpeace started that way. There's been evidence over the years of key members participating (and providing funds) in more radical organizations, with Greenpeace acting as a nice cover/front. In recent years their lies have started to pile up and it's becoming more obvious they are simply in it for the money.

Comment yeah, ok, whatever. (Score 5, Insightful) 482

The whole dating situation is ridiculous these days. Dozens, or even hundreds of guys email a couple of women and almost none get any response at all; is it any wonder they escalate to crap? A response, positive or negative, is better than no response to a lot of people.

If you're in the top 20% on looks, congrats. Otherwise: you get treated like shit, whichever side your on.

Comment Re:why submit a project without knowing the price (Score 1) 88

Because I don't care what it costs YOU to develop the project, I care what it costs me...

Ok, that's an over simplification. The board looks pretty sweet and would be an excellent choice for a project I'm working on. I expect that Imagination Technologies is trying to gauge demand, which will affect the price point of the final board / production. I've submitted an entry, however due to timing and their site problems (it initially crashed because of the load) it was a pretty short paragraph or two and I doubt my project will be selected. But I'm looking at other contenders rather than my initial plan of the Rpi because it has various short comings (of which, this board seems to sidestep quite nicely).

Comment Protecting Raytheon & Friends (Score 1) 218

This is an attempt by the FAA to protect Raytheon and friends. With the upsurge in UAV for military purposes aligning reasonably well with the ban on any commercial use it has allowed companies like Raytheon to establish themselves with hardware, as well as patents on the related technologies and purposes one would use remote controlled aircraft for. It's also why they don't actual have proper specifications to classify the aircraft, something which they so completely obviously should have done in the first place when the ban went into effect.

Should fly objects be regulated? Sure. But they've taken few steps to actually regulate them, it has just been a delaying tactic to prevent the upsurge in small companies from applying for, and receiving patents which could potentially be used to sue the likes of raytheon.



I've personally developed and released multiple apps, and each app has had updates shortly after release. One was a rather embarrassing oversight. I didn't blame Apple, I blamed myself. I also used their expedite service to request a quick review for the update and was granted the expedited review. The updated application was approved within 2 days using that process. Apples process is frustrating, and can be extreemly aggravating, but I have to wonder how come they didn't have an application + iPad to use for their demo/tutorial. Creating an Adhoc version, as well as a corporate signed version are easy enough under restricted circumstances. (You can't distribute to everyone that way, but you can get it up and working on multiple devices so your client can review and test and train).

Comment Re:No, they didn't print an engine (Score 2) 87

As an engineering study of the applicability of printing 3D objects it's somewhat interesting. As to the importance of being able to build an airplane like that for under $2k it's entirely underwhelming. It's pretty easy to make one by hand with a very small collection of components and materials, and it would have taken less time. (So much so that even building a prototype, then dies to pre-cut material to produce the plane more traditionally would have taken less effort).

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